PF cadres early last evening attacked the Woodlands home of UPND Mayoral candidate Kangwa Chileshe but were thwarted by alert party vigilantes from his party.

The attackers who threw all kind of missiles at the house of Chileshe however fled the scene when his security detail from the UPND repelled the attack carried out by the youths who had come with several vehicles.

Kangwa Chileshe confirmed the incident and said his wife and children were in the house at the time of the attack but that they were unhurt though traumatised.

“My wife and kids were in the house when these thugs dressed in PF regalia came out from several vehicles and attempted to make their way into my house by forcibly pushing the gate open as others tried to climb the wall fence. I wish to thank the alert UPND security who successfully repelled this cowardly attack on my family and my residence. Without them, I don’t know what would have happened”.

“Iam not shaken by such cowardly, unwarrranted violence and intimidation by the PF against my own family, but for heaven’s sake at this time and age, such primitive acts belong to the jungle. I offer them a civilised and clean fight in the voting booth with ballot papers, but why do they come brandishing blunt instruments and throwing rocks wanting to harm my family, if they claim their candidate is strong and capable?

I call upon my elder brother Miles Sampa to be man enough by taming his bunch of cadres and instead of violence and blood shed, why not meet me in the voting booth on 26th of July in a clean democratic fight, that’s what real men do”, said Chileshe.

Meanwhile, the UPND Chairperson for mobilisation Sylvia Masebo who rushed to the scene reported the matter to Woodlands Police Station who she said are investigating the matter.

Masebo condemned the attack describing it as primitive and cowardly and further said that the UPND and Kangwa Chileshe were now more resolved and determined to fight for what is right and what is just.

“Miles Sampa claims that he’s a popular candidate, now that’s a remarkable thing that a so called popular candidate can deploy militias to attack a family home of his political opponent who he claims is not a threat to him. What kind of popularity is that”, asked the visibly angry Masebo.

She urged the Police to act professionally by thoroughly investigating the matter and bringing the culprits to book.



  1. PF cadres please stop this nonsense . You are tarnishing the name of president. We need peace not that nonsense. Let the ballot box talk not intimidation. We are fed of this nonsense by cadres. Dont do primitive politics. This is modern world

  2. I am gonna buy catapults and find mill balls made of steel for bullets, then I will wait for provocation with my bag full of mill balls and delete, delete,delete

  3. Am extremely happy that Chisompola James has advised the PF thugs to stop their violent behavior, this is how it should be. let’s us emulate James and condemn violence even if its being committed by carders from our own political parties

  4. JM – well,well,well ba JM ! but still a hyena is a hyena no matter how differently he cries , (if u call that crying ) the voice betrays him – ! Did u know friends , ba PF thugs remind us of certain portions of English history and literature ; PF thugs behave like “The London Mob of midevil times in London -England . This mob attacked anyone who did not agree with them ! Shall we say PF thugs are a type of that “London Mob ” very primitive indeed .


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