Unknown people suspected to be ritualists have exhumed the body of a baby believed to be around one year at Nakoyombo Cemetery in Kitwe.

This is the second body to be exhumed at the same cemetery this year, with last year’s record standing at 12.

It is being alleged that the suspected ritualists have been exhuming the bodies, remove some body parts and hair for suspected rituals.

Kitwe City Council Director of Public Health Fred Nkonde has disclosed the development in an interview.

Nkonde said the Council last year recorded 12 similar cases and has this year recorded the second at the same cemetery.

He stated that suspects who are still unknown are targeting graves for babies and after exhuming the bodies, they leave them outside.

“We have had two cases so far this year, and from the look of things, it appears to be one person because all the bodies being exhumed are being done in a similar manner,” Nkonde said.

He said it was becoming a challenge for the council to attend to such issues that are now becoming rampant.

Nkonde said the communities, through Councillors, are being engaged as well as the Police and churches to help in policing and ensure they are on the lookout all the time.

He added that the Council will send more Council police officers to man the graveyard to avoid any occurrences of such nature.



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