Brad Ley:

The suspension of UPND vice president, GBM, was inevitable considering the political tirades that have recently enveloped Zambias largest opposition party.

Its imperative that an organization as large as the UPND exemplifies objective leadership traits by inculcating and instilling discipline in its vast membership.

Its sad that the leadership of the UPND was brought into disrepute after the Party’s constitutional guidelines were flagrantly disregarded when a junior party official decided to suspend a senior member.

In the efforts to correct this, the UPND Secretary General, Stephen Katuka, was chastised by party Veep GBM, who supported the faction that didn’t follow the stipulated guidelines of disciplining party members.

Instead of internally resolving the matter, vice president GBM, used derogatory remarks against the party SG and openly belittled party president, Hakainde Hichilema, during a live Radio Mano program.

This, ofcourse, did not sink well with the party members and the youths held a presser where they urged the party hierarchy to discipline veep GBM.

Same day, a video of some youths in support of GBM was released on social media. The well known youths threatened UPND youth leader, Liswaniso with violence. They went on further to say they would rape liswanisos mother because he had denounced GBM during the presser. All hell broke loose.

This morning, the UPND National Management Committee met to discuss the matter. They unanimously agreed to suspend GBM and gave him seven days to execulpate himself.

I fully agree with this decision because you cannot accept a lawless and acutely divided leadership to effectively manage the largest opposition party in the country. Whether GBM is guilty or not, is a story for another day. What we must understand is that this chaotic situation had to be managed and this suspension is the most plausible route so far.

Politics are dynamic. So much can happen in just 24hrs that could completely change the countrys political landscape. No single politician is indispensable. This fall out could be a blessing in disguise for the UPND to reinvent and rebrand. The next seven days will tell it all.


  1. Upnd is a single party, to difragment it and say the northern structures are mine and the southern structures are yours us not right, on this score GBM should just own up and apologise.


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