By Zambian Watch

A Tanzanian Woman Rabbeca Nglondu is appealing to the Zambian Government to deport her son Spax Mulenga populary known as Spax Mining who is commander of the black mountain in Zambia.

Ms. Nglondu claims that her son Spax Mulenga ran away from Tanzania when he was 19 years old into another country she had no idea of.

She says she was at peace learning that her son was in Zambia and doing fine.

Ms. Nglondu says she wants to reunite with her son as soon as possible before she dies.

She claims that Spax Mulenga abandoned her after he ran away from Tanzania and was never seen again.

Ms. Nglondu claims she was only shown pictures of her son in 2019 when spax mulenga was involved in a road accident and was able to indentify him as a biological mother.

“Yes this is my son, his complexion has even changed. My son ran away leaving me and his sisters. The father died along time ago when he was only 6 years. There is joy in my heart because my son Spax Nglondu is still alive. My appeal is that government must deport him back home so that he can reunite with his family here” she said.



  1. He is not the only one…they are many Tanzanians in Zambia claiming to be Zambians…eg Emmanuel…Sata was a Tanzanian…. Ngulube…Antonio Mwanza Just to mention a few…


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