By Smart Eagles Reporter

President Lungu’s daughter, Miss Tasila Lungu has embarked on an initiative to sink boreholes across the country in a bid to improve the water situation which is a problem in some rural parts of the country.

And Miss Lungu who is Nkoloma ward Councillor in Chawama Constituency of Lusaka Province has said that the initiative was born when she encountered an old woman drawing water 8kms from her home whilst she was on a Country wide shoe distribution program called, ‘Going Miles for Smiles’.

The Borehole initiative is being implemented under Miss Lungu’s ubulayo initiative which seeks to supplement governments efforts at bettering the lives of the citizens.

Apart from Eastern Province, the borehole initiative will be replicated in Muchinga and Copperbelt Provinces before spilling over to the rest of the Provinces.

And the People in the areas where the boreholes will be sank have expressed profuse gratitude at the gesture by Miss Lungu of sinking the 100 boreholes in the Province .

Headman chilokote stated that in his village, people and animals share the same well for drinking water. He stated that this was a cause for waterborne diseases in the area which he was sure would be a thing of the past once the boreholes are sunk.

Miss Lungu has thanked the people of Eastern Province for the warm reception in each area she went to on the commissioning of the boreholes exercise


  1. Eish. This is very dangerous. Transfering dirty money through his daughter. She needs to account for her wealth. Otherwise it is criminal. It is surprising no one is questioning this illicit move. ECL and her daughter are too courageas in dirty deals

  2. Well done Tasila. You could have chosen to keep the money in foreign accounts but you are using the money to alleviate the suffering Zambians in the rural areas. You have a heart for the Zambians. There will always be arm chair critics, but do not listen to them. Continue with you good work.


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