Joyce Simukoko

Attempting to arm twisting government is an exercise in futility

Smart Eagles Reporter

Minister of Labour, Hon. Joyce Nonde has advised Mining companies to reach middle ground with government as opposed to their attempts at arm twisting which will not work.

The Minister said that in the event that the Mining Companies pull out of the country as they are threatening to do, government will find others to take over running of the national resources and that if push comes to shove, government will take over the running of the mines as it had done in the past through the Zambia Consolidated Copper Mines, ZCCM.

And the labour Minister has called for the Mining Companies to apologize to their workers and to the nation for their threats to cut labour over the new mining taxes.

She stated that investors cannot hold government to ransom. She stated that the threats by the Mining companies are unwarranted and boarder on pure arrogance because government only comes up with laws after thorough consultation and research to ensure that the companies are able to manage.

And the Minister has said that her Ministry is pushing for widening of the tax base because workers in the formal sector are carrying the burden and government wants the informal Sector to be captured in the tax net so that the people in the formal sector can have a breather.

The Minister said this a day after Leading Copper Miner, FQM announced it was no longer going to cut labour at its 3 operations in North Western Province and Barrick Gold said it was leaving open the option of selling its asset in lumwana.



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