Tayali is questioning HH’s parentage for self aggrandizement – Chitambala Mwewa says


Remember when President Trump fueled the “Birther-Movement” against Barack in 2011?

He basically questioned the authenticity of Obama’s American Heritage…implying that Barack was some how less than a true American citizen.

Trump even suggested that he would donate $5m to any charity of Barack’s choice in exchange for hard evidence that proved President Obama had been born in the U.S.

The more Trump talked, the louder he became, until finally Barack released his Birth Certificate…but here’s the thing. Even after Barack released his Birth Certificate…People still questioned the authenticity of the Certificate itself. So folks, no matter what Barack did, it couldn’t satisfy the naysayers. It couldn’t quench the public’s thirst for innuendo.

So what’s the lesson here? “Know thyself” People will attempt to describe you through their “blurry” lens of self aggrandizment and try to pass it off as checks and balances.

Any attempt to delegitimize a fellow citizen in exchange for 30 pieces of silver is anathema to who we are as Zambians. I would say to such a person ” You’re grasping at straws”


#GraspingAtStraws #KnowThyself #ThirtyPiecesOfSilver


  1. ZAMBIANS WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? The Zambians of today are not the Zambians I knew in the late 70s and Early 80s.The Zambians of today like MR TAYALI spend their time demonizing HH instead of finding a solution to the high price of MEALIE MEAL AND ELECTRICITY. The same harassment and lies the late MR SATA(R.I.P) used to endure is being dished out to HH. I watched the video of the person who used to be Mr Sata’s driver and adviser. He said the boys who used to insult Mr Sata by showing him the middle finger are the ones enjoying the fruits of his labour. Is it OK for President Edgar Lungu to bring people into Government who used to INSULT his MENTOR? Surely he could have forgiven them, but not bringing them into Mr Sata’s house which is the PF party. As for HH it has even been suggested that his father is from where Iam writing from, The Republic of Angola, that is Cabida Province. Ignorance of the Geography of Angola. People who went to Zambia escaping the colonial brutality of the Portuguese are from Lunda Sul, Moxico(Mushiko) and Bie Provinces. People from Northern provinces like Cabinda went to Congo Brazaville and Gabon.
    As for the corruption, wait until there is change of Government. Here in Angola people who were untauchable by the law have either run away or are in remand awaiting trial. As Iam writing, the former President’s son is in court today for stashing away 500,000 USD in British banks. And mind you, our current President is from the same party as the people who are on trial today. Just like the Chiluba/Mwanawasa story.


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