He sits in his rent -free house after jogging then plots and schemes on who he can slander for 30 pieces of silver.

After he drinks his fanta, he lays down on his couch with a remote control in his hand and watches TV while scrolling through his Facebook page all day long.
What is he teaching his Children?

His daughters look at him and wonder how their father makes money when all he does is practice the art of key-board assassination…but when he gets a rare chance to meet his enemy, he crumbles in the shadow of his arch nemesis by saying, “I admire you.” Tayali is the consumate coward who only shows bravery when sitting behind his faulty computer keyboard…but in person he is a spineless, frail weakling.

He pretends to miss his wife and yet he drives to unza in a white corolla-type car [ the hilix has gone back to the car hire company called Big Wheels ] He visits his girl friend at UNZA two to three times a week under the cover of darkness.

A man like Tayali with no wife at home has insatiable needs and desires that MUST be met. Do you honestly think that a man with his perverted sexual appetite can go a week without a secret rendezvous with his UNZA girlfriend? Not possible!!

Even if Queen Sheba was here…he’d still stray and devour any female he finds attractive.
So when you hear Tayali talking about how much he misses Queen Sheba…he’s just trying to create a fantasy land that no longer exists.


  1. All tHis because he claims to have evidence against HH. Sir, you are a letdown. Just let him present the evidence and if it amounts to nothing let him make a fool of himself . Simple

  2. Simon, Simon! Satan has asked to sift you like wheat. You are falling prey to the cheap politics of Zambian men with brains the size of a Chipata mbeba. Leave this and go on with the real issues that matter to the Zambian people. How will a poor Zambian family benefit from learning about the shenanigans of Chilufya the lost one?

  3. Tayali must be investigated by ACC also to show us how he gets huge sums of money from the public funds without work. Who pays him? even when he has cases how does he pay his useless lawyers? Tayali will cry more and Zambians will punish this guy. The most corrupt Zambian is Tayali. He has never spoken on fire tenders, presidential plane heath missing funds, mukula tree, Covid -19 just to mention afew. Let Tayali work on these we all know.

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