Prophet TB Joshua
Prophet TB Joshua

By Staff Reporter

KNOWN for prophecies, the Nigerian prophet TB Joshua claims South Africa is reaching the finals after earlier falsely claiming that he saw Mali winning the current U20 AFCON tournament.

Host Zambia faces South Africa in today’s match at Heroes Stadium and Joshua has already released his prediction which is currently upsetting Zambians.

His fans are still defending the man even after he lied that he saw a woman winning the US elections and after Donald Trump was declared winner, Joshua changed tact and claimed he said a wool man-made meaning a person whose hair looked like wool.

After Trump won the election, his first decision was to ban TB Joshua from going to America – in South Africa the Nigerian prophet remain a wanted person after his church collapsed on its members of which a majority were South Africans. He was under scrutiny and people questioned his powers saying why didn’t he forsee that his church was going to kill people if indeed he is a prophet who see people’s fate.

The exit of Mali in the current U20 AFCON tournament puts Joshua in an ackward position, today his YouTube has a video of him claiming he sees South Africa reaching the finals – this means only one thing; that Zambia will be defeated at home after slaughtering Guenea- Mali and Egypt mercilessly.

However, the host teams has sent fears to all the teams so far due to their consistent in winning and scoring goals even after coming from behind.

South Africa team manager yesterday said his team will be the underdogs to Zambia and that his focus is to play the game as it is.



  1. Are you so obsessed with TB Joshua that you can’t leave him alone? TB Joshua has not said anything about football or any other sport in the last four years. Leave GOD’S servant alone and concentrate on sharpening your reporting skills which are so poor that they can’t go worse

  2. hey guys dnt be narrow minded over tb joshua he nt a politician,no witchdoctor could much his wisdom as a man jehovah God.If U Say he z a witchdoctor deliver him.

  3. Why not prophesy about the Chibbok School girls who were kidnapped in Nigeria along time ago by Bokoharam. Their whereabouts still unknown even by this Profita. Pure Clairvoyance at work.

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  5. Let me tell you one thing, the page you have is not for TB Joshua. Cause the one I have there nothing about football only the word of God, look at first the some you people where talking about Mali now today at south Africa. Where do you get all these lies? Check your page it’s a fake one.


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