Workers at Kaoma’s Lunyati Primary School and a local clinic had threatened to abandon their posts due to suspected witchcraft attacks on them and their families.

Lunyati Ward Councillor in Kaoma central Constituency Manly Kwala said the continued harassment of teachers and health officers through suspected witchcraft acts had become a matter of serious concern to local leadership.

Mr. Kwala said officers at the two institutions had since threatened to leave their station if the vice persisted.

He told ZANIS yesterday that officers at the said institutions were being tormented at night in what is expected to be acts of witchcraft adding that one officer has since left the health post.

The civic leader further said that each time officers entered their homes to sleep at night , they suddenly found themselves sleeping outside naked.
Other happenings included officers hearing footsteps and invisible people chatting and eating food in their houses.

One of the affected officers said that they had cooked Kapenta for super, only to find fish in the pots which had not prepared the following day. – ZANIS



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