The LAMUKA coalition leader, Congolese Presidential candidate and former oil industry executive Martin Fayulu has not taken kindly to what he claims is a stolen vote in the DRC announced Presidential election results early on Thursday morning.

Fayulu officially polled 6.37 million votes or 34.83% of the total valid vote against declared winner and rival Felix Tshisekedi who polled 7.05 million votes or 38.57% of the total valid vote.

He disputes the result and is heading to the constitutional court to challenge the outcome.

He is not alone in doubting the result as the Catholic Church which accounts for the Christian faith of a little over two-thirds of the country’s population agrees that results returned by its over 40,000 election monitors and observers disagree with the official figures announced by CENI, suggesting a convincing win for Fayulu.

Fayulu has one week to file a petition challenging the result.



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