By Lomphande Muzumi

Justice Minister Given Lubinda has threaten to take legal action against Alliance for Community Action Executive Director Laura Miti after she accused him of encouraging the PF to use underhand methods to amend the constitution.

Speaking when the duo featured on friday edition of Phoenix FM’s Let The People Talk programme this morning, Ms Miti indicated that she does not trust the Minister to lead the constitution amendment process as he is basing it on personal interest.

However, Ms Miti’s remarks angered Mr Lubinda who accused the her of demeaning his office and misleading the nation on the constitution making process by parading herself as the most intelligent person above all government officials.

But Ms Miti has insisted that she is in receipt of a recording of PF officials discussing the constitution making process thereby making it a fraud.

Meanwhile Mr Lubinda has advised stakeholders to handle the constitution amendment process consciously to avoid causing confusion.


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