Tenants who are renting the 48 Ghost houses have refused to pay there November rent fee and say they have stopped paying rent going foward until the owner is indentified.

Tenants have agreed that they can’t be paying money to a Ghost person who does not want to own the properties.

They say the owner of the houses must come in an open and face them in order for them to pay the rent. For now the September rent has not been paid waiting for the owner to show up

According to Tenants, they believe there money was used to build the houses and they have every right to be in the said 48 Ghost houses together with all Zambians seeking answers.

Tenants believe that once served, the owner of the 48 houses will be known to the Public since the entire PF government with its machinery have failed to trace the owner.

This will be a dramatic story as Tenants have taken a wise decision. For now the 48 tenants have been given a name as the ‘Wise 48’.

So far, all the wise 48 Tenants have agreed to stop paying rent until the owner is known by members of the Public and relevant authorities.




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