Luanshya 15th April 2019


On behalf of the National Democratic Congress ( NDC), I would like to thank the people of Roan/Luanshya for the united and dedicated efforts to choose a credible Member of Parliament to replace me. You fought a good fight and ensured that you voted as well as protected your vote on poll day. I am ever so grateful to you and appreciate the hope and trust you put in me and your new MP Joseph Chishala.

Special thanks go to the United Party for National Development (UPND) and president Hakainde Hichilema for the immense support in Roan. Our unity of purpose has borne us the first MP and we shall have more and great victory songs to sing as we work together to remove this corrupt regime. Special thanks also go to honourable Bulaya Rasford, MP for Mpongwe, hon. Fungulwe Leonard, MP for Lufwanyama, hon. Kintu Leaky, MP for Solwezi East and hon. Sialubalo Gift, MP for Sinazongwe. You left your comfort zones and came to campaign with us until we delivered the much needed victory. Your dedication and support are highly appreciated.

To the campaign managers, Mr. Menyani Zulu and deputies Elisha Matambo and Charles Kabwita, your coordination, strategies and focus delivered us a resounding victory. Immense gratitude to Mr. Matambo for teaching the electorates to ‘Lopola’ the Patriotic Front on poll day. Our unity of purpose has indeed shown that we are stronger together and can make wonders when we unite. I further thank all the Alliance Partners for the support, prayers and words of encouragement. We would not have done this without your support.

I would also like to thank the Church for the prayers and support that was given to our candidate. This election was very violent and I know that many more people would have been injured and the situation become worse had it not been for your prayers for peace, love and tolerance during the election period.

All the NDC Members of Central Committee, thank you so much for the support and hard work during, before and after the elections. Your support and team work keeps the party moving from strength to strength. The UPND Executive members, provincial and district leaders and all leaders at all levels that helped in the campaign and came through for the rallies as well as voted for our new MP hon. Joseph Chishala, I truly thank you. I also thank the leadership at all levels of all our alliance partners. Unity indeed is the way to go if we want to remove this inconsistent, brutal, corrupt and intolerant PF regime that keeps persecuting all of us in different ways.

All members of NDC that travelled from far and near, thank you so much for your hard work. To the polling agents, foot soldiers, monitors and observers and everyone that was directly and indirectly linked to this campaign and election, I thank you so much.

To our first NDC MP hon. Joseph Chishala, the confidence and trust that the people of Roan have given you should be paid back with hard work and good service to the people. Be there for the people and they will be there for you when you need them.

To all the voters of Roan/ Luanshya and all the members of the public- WE DID IT- ‘Twaliba Lopola.’ This is a victory for all of us and I am grateful that you kept your eyes on the ball despite all the money, food, chitenges, t-shirts, violence and all the corrupt activities that happened during these elections. You saw your own brothers and sisters being brutally beaten, attacked with pangas, knives and machetes and decided to reject all that violence in the ballot. As your former MP, brother, friend, uncle, father and many other things that I am to you all, I am so grateful that you did not let me down or let Roan constituency and our children down. You voted wisely and I will forever appreciate your courage, resolve and commitment to do the right thing.

To everyone else too numerous to mention by name, thank you so much for making this possible. This is not an NDC, UPND or Alliance Partners’ win, but it is a win for all of us, all the people of Roan and all corners of the country who do not want to see corruption, manipulation, violence and vote buying be the order of the day in our elections.

I thank you all most sincerely and may God bless you all.

Statement by: Dr. Chishimba Kambwili
NDC Consultant and 2021 Presidential Candidate



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