By Goodwin Mankomba

As a concerned citizen based in South Africa, I wish to state that the interview by the two PF officials on Kasama’s Radio Lutanda, was not only shameful and primitive but is also without a place in our beloved Zambia.

Personally I am a Zambian connected to four tribes; Ila, Lenje, Tonga and Chewa. I can speak Bemba, Soli, Lenje, Nyanja, Tonga, a bit of Ila, Lozi, Swaka, Lamba, and Lala. I have cousins, Uncles, Aunties, Nieces and Nephews who are from any tribe anyone can imagine of. In our family, we have names such as Luyando Bwalya, Mutinta Phiri, Musonda Kaluba Mweemba, Lubinda Mulubwa and so on and so forth. When such a tribal attack takes place, how do you think these ‘multi faceted’ kids feel about themselves and about the future of Zambia?

These artificial divisions being propagated by the PF are in an insult to all citizens. That argument is old and tired and should be avoided and thrown to where it belongs; the trash can.

We have heard stories of energetic young men and women retired in national interest for reasons unknown. Perhaps this could be the reason? Could this be the reason why the Cabinet or PS positions don’t represent the other 70 tribes of Zambia? Is it why all parastatal Boards are representative of only two regions? Has the truth finally come home to roost by this hate speech against the Tongas being propagated by the Catholic Radio Station, Lutanda and the PF?

I refuse to accept this and will not allow it to grow in my circles. We are all Zambians. We are one Zambia one Nation, a country under God. A country of 72 tribes. A Country that should produce leaders from every corner of the Republic.

As a Zambian in South Africa I call upon all Zambians to never fall into this trap. A trap that history has shown us can bring violence and destruction. Let’s not allow some politicians to divide us for personal interest and gain. We are one, we are all Zambians.
No one is superior or inferior above or below another.

Hate has no place. If I chose UPND, it is my choice, if NDC then why hate me? I have a right to choose. If I want, I can even choose PF like I believe a lot of other Tongas have opted to do.

If anyone chose a Party from Mars or Jupiter, so be it, leave him alone to enjoy the ride through the stratosphere. Let’s get civilized and get off the tribal stereotypes. They hurt people. And when people are persistently hurt, they get radicalized, and when they get radicalized, bloodshed is not far off. Nobody will be spared, not even those two PF officials and their families.






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