FDD president Edith Nawakwi


… the 2.8 Vs 1.8 debate detrimental to our democracy as it leaves out over 13 million undecided zambians…

The on going debate and positioning themselves as the “chosen children of the land” by the UPND Alliance and it’s self proclaimed staunch supporters on social media is a detriment to Zambian democracy.

This attitude is a recipe to brewing hate and heightened political violence in the country and if not checked and curtailed by the Alliance’s leader Republican President HE Hakainde Hichilema is likely to damage Zambia’s reputation as the harb of peace and unity!

Zambia is a peaceful and United country and the current youths if not careful and take a divisive approach to politicking are likely to lead this country in a “political ditch” that they will fail to pull it out from!

We need our peace and unity if we are to progress as a country in all areas, all zambians, the 2.8, 1.8 and the over 13 million people are looking forward to President Hakainde Hichilema for one reason, he is the Republican President, period!

From which ever group you fall in, remember we only have one country, Zambia and it’s our mandate to guard it’s stability jealously as it is all we have.

Campaign time is over and unfortunately it’s time to deliver the campaign promises and the victors must deliver.

However, this will call for close monitoring and demanding for the fulfillment of the sweet promises made during campaigns.

The 2.8 must realise that the 1.8 and the over 13 million zambians are watching and waiting to see what the Alliance government has to offer but also reserve their constitutional rights, to voice out on the day to day policies of the current government.

It’s our constitutional right to demand for answers from the government of the day and must be allowed to question the Alliance on it’s campaign promises.

They Alliance must tell the Zambian electorates why they made such campaign promises such as free education and why they now backing down on it’s implementation?

Instead of insults that we are subjected on daily basis for speaking out for the 1.8 decided and the over 13 million undecided zambians, we expect the 2.8 to explain the alliance’s manifesto otherwise we are made to believe it’s all about unpalatables!

We need to listen to a more detailed policy on agriculture and tourism being the best alternatives to mining and what is it that the are doing for the mines themselves!

What is it that they are doing to protect tourism from being destroyed by mining itself in the South Luangwa National Park, were we have two economical activities conflicting themselves.

Zambia First!
National Secretariat.


  1. Eeee! national secretariat hold on, in that 13 million UPND has a big chunk. Infact as UPND we can comfortably say we have more than 9 million in that, so what are you saying? coming to the promises I am sure you know that UPND is barely one month in power in practical terms and you want miracles in that one month. Don’t you see that Cadres are nowhere in sight? I hate Cadres esp. the PF ones.

  2. First off, Does FDD exist? How can a secretariat issue a statement? Who at the secretariat. Before we ask people on their promises, we must first interrogate ourselves on our own promises. The promise to build a house for HH’s relatives in Shibuyunji, the promise to relocate sausage making to Botswana, how have those gone? All in all the secretariat message is all blah blah about nothing.

  3. Why are you concerned about such a small and irrelevant media issue of 2.8 and 1.8? Zambians are peaceful people they know their limits…you failed to condemn real physical violence by your pf carders and now you bring mouth to a thing that don’t divide us. 1.8, 2.8 is just a little saying on SM that’s gonna vanish in no time. The tribal and hate you spilled was ok and you have not even apologized to the masses you are now pretending to be a darling to. Have some shame to even appear here! When are you even relocating to South Africa or Botswana with your sausage ntemba? Go and go fast…abeg shift!

  4. As far as I Can Remember I first saw Madam Nawakwi in a MOCKING way make reference to the 1.8 and 2.8 but as modern times have shown whatever her motives it inspired a sort of movement and people just went with it> Its nothing to worry about people are excited that their voices were head in the 2.8 no disrespect to the 1.8. You politicians, are the people who had something to benefit making noise about it.

  5. All over the world it’s not the whole country that
    Goes to vote.In Zambia the 2.8 was the majority
    And 1.8 was minority.Do not expect the whole
    Population of the country to vote.So 2.8 is reflecting the majority population.

  6. This is not the real issue Madam. The real problem is you are passionately heart broken because UPND won the elections.Are’nt you the one who said you would leave Zambia. I am sure no nation would want you as you have cases here showing that you are a pathological liar. You may do the same there also.

    This reason you are bringing forward is a cover up of your continued support of PF. If what you are advocating is true then you are calling yourself a shameless lair at the same time.

    The regime you supported did not win with the margins of 2.8 million. They had a mere 100.000 of less. Yet you supported them so much to the extent of lying about issues and found out to be a lair in our higher courts. A pathological liar.

    So last time why were you not supporting the majority who were obviously more in number than now. They wanted justice when citizens were being killed. The wanted corruption to be eradicate. Where were you?

    You see all this scrap you are saying is rubbish. We can see right through your lies and we find you are not sincere. Are you still being paid to say this silly things. Please if you need our respect and attention raise serious issues and not upsetting us who rejected your partners PF.


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