The 2019 Africa Homecoming Pilgrimage 400 Years, in my Home Country – A BAROTSE CHANGE Reflection Part 3.

The much awaited 2019 Africa Homecoming Pilgrimage 400 Years, in my Home Country is finally here. Already the anniversary atmospherics with the characteristic vibe, spirit and nostalgia can be seen, read and heard from within and around Barotseland. It is a very wonderful program indeed looking at what it stands for and lot of goodwill it purports to bring to Barotseland. What is even much more soul refreshing is to understand that the excitement brings a break in the monotonous lifestyle of a country that has spent more than half a century in misery and painful experiences on account of the infamous, ominous and aborted BA ’64.

Unfortunately, the event kicks off loaded with sponsored propaganda to decampaign the homecoming event and program. The enemy has planned propaganda to exploit in discrediting the whole program, whether it is the non-coverage, no advertising and other tactics . Some reactions are already flowing in and intensifying. For instance, the patriotic and nationalist stance of Brian Kayongo is commendable regardless, because it helps us see things from the other viewpoints we would have normally overlooked. In appreciating the analysis of Brother Brian Kayongo and others that may drop in along the way it is prudent to critique the write up in the following Barotse Change perspective:

1. Minange, mukulwange, mushemi shangwe we need not fear now whether they are coming in as capitalists or not! Given the evidence of their “capitalism” if ever substantiated, in America compared to the Zambian capitalism over Barotseland definitely and with all the evidence we have, find it better to welcome the brothers and sisters home just like I would welcome a prodigal one (Siconi) from Northern Rhodesia (Zambia) – “kwa Bukuwa”, as it were.

2. It is well documented in history that the transatlantic slave trade began during the 15th century (1400s) when Barotseland was already established as a Kingdom.

3. Barotseland was menaced by the same transatlantic slave trade such that during the tenure of our 12th Litunga from 1780 to 1830, King Mulambwa Santulu, had to decisively promulgate laws relating to abolishment of slave trade, in his country Barotseland. This means that we have Barotzis who were victims of the transatlantic slave trade though their names are missing in detail.

4. To doubt the facts of the slavery is actually to insinuate non-existence of Barotseland Kingdom in the annuls of history past, present and future the opinion Zambia has been arguing in defaulting the BA ’64, the absent history of Barotseland in her constitution memoir, education curriculum theory and practice, among others.

5. It is also true that there was scramble for Africa which culminated to 1960 being referred to as the YEAR OF AFRICA by historians, politicians and Pan-Africanists because of chains of events that occurred during the year resulting in the independence of 17 African nations which in turn heightened the growing spirit of Pan-Africanism in the continent. It is in this same light we need to guard against another wave of colonisation of our territories as African countries and Barotseland in particular.

6. Ironically, the wind of change (Decolonisation) in the 1960s saw Barotseland CONSEQUENTIALLY, UNINTENTIONALLY AND MALEVOLENTLY DEFERRING HER FREEDOM OF INDEPENDENCE, by the token of the non-ratified and now defunct BA ’64 Treaty, UP UNTIL MARCH 2012. Since then Barotseland has been lobbing the international institutions to help in amicably disengaging off the once unitary treaty states parties of the attempted but failed project Zambia. From 2012 the wind of change (Barotse Change) continues until the wheels of justice are corrected through the full recognition of the UDI of the last repressed state and nation of Barotseland, this side of Africa.

7. Therefore, it is neither legally nor logically correct to continue referring Barotseland as a territory in Zambia. It is a political fallacy and misnomer in legal truism.

8. What is more crucial than critiquing the 2019 African-American Homecoming event is instead the illegal occupation of Barotseland by Zambia despite the overwhelming legal evidence and documents contending in favour of Barotseland. It is a heinous contemporary slave trade that should be condemned appropriately by all friends of truth, law and order.

9. If the present-day fresh evidence regarding the BA’64 abrogation, wrongful incarcerations of Barotzis and our human rights violations by Zambia are a justifiable norm now then even availing a detailed antique list of Barotzis captured to America at the time and their pedigree will still not make sense to enemies of Barotseland’s autonomy.

10. Simply stated, the African-American investment portfolio in the land of their bondage in America is beyond comparison to Zambia’s disinvestment policy in their land of illegal occupation Barotseland. Their history is well documented and accepted while the history of Zambia is poorly documented and acknowledged owing to the criminalisation of the now defunct BA ’64.

Tukongote, Litunga ni lyetu.
Written by L. Wamunyima.


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