There’s a very big difference between RB’S MMD regime and the Lungu PF regime.

RB’s MMD constituted a small select elite group of corrupt government ministers and officials, but other government institutions like the Judiciary, ECZ and Quasi Government institutions remained fully functional and not corrupted.
That’s why it was somewhat easy for them to handover power peacefully when their time was up.

But under Lungu every wing of government has been corrupted, judges including the chief justice have been corrupted with farms and expensive plots, parastatal heads are corrupt, the speaker of the national assembly is corrupt, the Police heirachy is corrupt, military leaders are corrupt, all levels of the civil service and local government are corrupt. The fish is rotten from head to tail.

As Zambians we need to understand that we’re up against an entire government machinery compromising all wings of government that are corrupt and will try to keep Lungu in place at all costs to protect themselves.
Lungu has managed to corrupt the whole system to a level where they all need him to survive. They will try to hang on using any means possible. -NDC


  1. You have hit the nail right and squarely on the head;there’s no system or regime that is invincible. They can still be kicked out if all the oppressed can unite and work as a single force.


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