Dr Kaunda – Set-up the Chona Constitutional Review Commission resulting in the Choma declaration and the one party state.

Fredrick Chiluba – Set-up the Mwanakatwe Constitutional Review Commission resulting in the constitution amendment act of 1996.

Levy Mwanawasa – Set up the Mung’omba Constitutional Review Committee and the National Constitutional Committee which was inherited by Rupiah Banda. The effort to amend or repel the constitution fail when PF MPs walked out during the vote and the UPND MPs abstained from voting.

Michael Sata – Set up the Constitutional Techinical Review Committee which resulted in the constitution amendment act of 2016. That was after Ngosa Simbyakula retrieved the draft document from the drawers where his predecessor Wynter Kabimba had it buried.

But Mr Lungu and Mr Lubinda want to amend the constitution without consulting the OWNERS of the document, the PEOPLE.
Political arrogance.


  1. My mind is greatly troubled when I heard what was about to happen to the country’s constitution. Unless I haven’t listened too well,the minister of justice went ahead to amend the constitution using officials from his office. I beg to differ that a constitution cannot be subjected for amended by a minister and his employees. A constitution is a public document which require consensus on how all citizens want to be governed and therefore can never be allowed to be changed anyhow by a group or cocktail of individuals. It is the highest law of the land and therefore above all other laws. I don’t think such an important document can be amended at will by a single ministry. If this is how it will be,then there Will be no constitution which will stand the test of time because it will continuously be amended as and when deemed necessary. Laws are not amended in such a manner.


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