Constitutional Court Judges

By Nkonkomalimba Kapumpe

The Constitutional Court is holding the nation at ransom by delaying important judgements and in the end will create a lot of tension in this nation. We have two important rulings they are holding for reasons I don’t understand.

The issue of whether President Lungu is eligible to stand for 2021 is extremely sensitive not only to PF but the nation as well. The arguments from both sides on eligibility are very good.

If they delay and announce that EL is not eligible to stand they would have disadvantage PF; because this will cause a lot of division in the party as each senior member will try to go for it, secondly EL would want enough time to take this to parliament to have an amendment way before the elections so that it’s not a decampianing tool against him. EL supporters would not react well towards an election with such a ruling with allegations already of con court judges being bribed.

The second important issue is of the days after the a petition is filed in does the incumbent rule that period or is it the speaker? If the rule that he is not supposed to rule that period what impact does it have on the last election? Do we consider this for future elections only? Or does this open up for another petition to be filed in? All this delay is a disadvantage to UPND and Zambians because it throws them back into a constitution crisis; and that upnd was unfairly treated and hence effected their petition in court.

These issues taken to con court are of grave importance to this nation that can create unimaginable problems; Seeing the level of tension that is between the major political parties.. and to delay the judgement any where near the 2021 elections, is just adding more tension to this nation.

So is the concourt delay deliberate or are they still studying the case? In my opinion, they are delaying for selfish reasons and not national interest. They are also scared of the insults and accusations that will come from any losing party. Our honourable Judges you can’t delay this any further these matters are of high importance to the nation..

We demand the rulings now and not just announcing that you reverse the ruling; for when?


  1. You see these are the dangers of having women in important positions. They always cry for Gender equality but when they get those important roles, they can fckn perform because of fear – bunches of idiots.
    Just look at how those women fcked up the presidential petition!
    Currently, they have reserved so many important cases – Lungu’s eligibility is just one of them but others like Nkandu Luo and Margaret Mwanakatwe’s election disqualifications are also pending.
    The male judges at the High Court made their rulings with a short time but the bunch those prostitutes are taking forever to make those rulings. The purpose of Con court was to expedite judgements for such cases but the cases are now taking longer at the ConCourt than High Court. This has exposed how incompetent and useless women are despite the Equality outcry. Why subject our country to this mediocrity from women?


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