MEET UPND Candidate for Sesheke by - election Romeo Lileko Kangombe in blue. Elections are slated for 12th February 2019.


from kangombe family
in Sesheke

On the late afternoons of 9th February 2019 we lost the Father to our candidate Romeo Lileko Kangombe. As The UPND in mwandi we are passing our deepest heart felt condolences, it has never been a smooth year for the family especially that very time when the son Romeo Kangombe decided to stand with the people of Sesheke and the UPND.

The old man could not withstand any more upon seen and hearing guns everyday, and at one point even became the victim of teargas which have been discharged into homes of innocent and peaceful citizenry of Sesheke in the name of hunting his son.

I believe and understand what pain the old man went through each and every breaking day he was in fear wether it will set whilst his son is still alive, a son who has been made a fugitive in his on motherland by the people who supposed to protect him simply for holding diverging political views.

Father rest in peace, and may your spirit keep taking care of your children, especially Romeo who is being persecuted much for choosing to serve us the people of Sesheke. The enemy has grown horns and has vowed not to give him peace, as he can’t even given time to mourn his father in peace.
Papa there lye a clown of righteousness, which God the righteous Jugde will bestow on you on that righteous day.

May the Almighty God comfort the family in this trying moments.

MYSRIP Till we meet again on that joyous morning, of the glorious day. The wonderful morning of the day of the first ressurection.


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