By Hon Munsanje

Months have now gone since the PF government promised not only parching the Kafue-Mazabuka road but also reconstructing it into bituminous standards because of its importance in the economical state and well-being of the country. Kafue is well known for fertilizer while the sweetest town, Mazabuka is well known for sugar.

It is therefore, true that with the two towns being the source of the country income, there is need to link them to each other. Not just linking the two, recently, President Edgar Chagwa Lungu was in Maamba to commission Maamba Courrieries and it is the same road that can ease the transportation of coal from Maamba to other towns in the North.

Southern Province is on the other side, known for cattle rearing and Maize farming. Evidently, the two provides the country with its best food, or the staple food. Zambians dine on nshima and their delicious relish remains beef meat which is the product of Southern Province. Feeding the nation requires transporting these products to other areas too.

Kalomo is the first Capital City of Zambia and if I remember well, it was in 1935 when the Capital City was shifted to Lusaka. Kalomo therefore, remains historious in the country and linking it to the rest of the country adds value to the growing population as they should lean on history to determine the future. It is the same road that can make this possible.

Livingstone is well known for tourist attraction with the mighty Victoria Falls and the Livingstone Museum and Cultural villages in the area. Knowing the cultures of Zambia is very hard if one doesn’t visit Livingstone. Infact, my white friend once said ‘If you didn’t reach Livingstone while in Zambia, you are as good as never been to Zambia’.

If one wants to know about the history of Southern Province and the coming in of the Tonga speaking people, that person should without doubt, visit Monze and Choma because the two towns carry the history of the Tonga speaking people. Without a good airport in the two towns, the road network becomes the only way to visit the two towns.

If beef, Maize, Coal, Sugar and other products are not transported to other areas of this country, it is not the people of Southern Province to suffer. It is the people of other areas where there is no food. It is the people of other areas where there is no sugar because what they will be buying will be imported expensive products unlike from local ones.

If coal is not transported to other areas for sale, it is not the people of Southern Province to suffer but the nation because it will not have taxes from that mine. If children are not taught and don’t visit historious places like Livingstone and Kalomo, it is not the people of Southern to suffer but the nation due to high illiteracy levels.

Constructing Kafue-Mazabuka road will therefore, not benefit the people of Southern Province alone but those to benefit are those from other areas. Infact, there are few Southerners with cars than we have in other nine (9) Provinces.

This then means that other provinces will benefit more due to the construction of this road. Why wait when this is possible? That remains thee question to the PF government.



  1. It is surprising to hear ECL saying Tonga’s did not vote for me therefore no road for them l consider this statement very childish indeed coming from a VISIONLESS person it is mandatory for any govt to use common sense and give service like electricity,clean water, education, good roads etc without mentioning rubbish sayings Zambians pay tax regardless of tribe, location etc so why should you vote someone for them to repair the road??? That means someone does not know why they are in statehouse therefore please leave or resign we cannot afford to loose more lives on that road enough is enough Thank you i


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