The last time I was in Leicester City at Kings Power Stadium to pay my last respects to a colleague, the late Leicester City owner, Vichai Srivaddhanaprabha the Thai billionaire who tragically passed away in 2018 in a helicopter crush just two years after the historic Leicester City’s shock premier League triumph, Zambia was for the most part, a distant, virtually unknown African Country to most of the people there that I met.

As I interacted with many people from various places there , or some that formed part of the audience at my speaking engagements , Little did I know that in a few years’ time, the City of Leceister, and Kings Power Stadium in particular, would be turned upside down and give way to the birth of a Brand New, Super Star from Zambia.

As fate would have it, just a year before, a gallant Zambia Chipolopolo class of 2017 had already started sending ripples through the football world by being crowned Africa Youth Champions and also reaching the Quarter Finals of the under 20 World Cup and all it took was for that for that group to remain focused, determined, and avoid the spirit of inferiority to reach the sky. One of the boys from that group, and a number of talents from that team have today made the nation very proud, to such an extent that, in Leceister City today, it is no longer NEVERS MUMBA’s Zambia. It well and truly PATSON DAKA’s Zambia. Talent, discipline, and dedication has has taken the Zambian Flag to Leceister and firmly ensured that our nation is being spoken of fondly and positively, something every nation wants to see it’s best talents and energetic youths do.

Today, Virtually every resident of Leceister City know about Zambia. They know where Zambia is on the map and they know a thing or two about the friendly, and yet football crazy people from southern Africa who are very friendly and peace loving. Why? All this because of our latest human TALENT resource export in the form of one PATSON DAKA.

In the coming years, we could be able to attract and exploit Investment, TOURISM, and other opportunities by simply harnessing the power of human resource/ talents exports.
Today another Zambian young woman, Barbara Banda made history in becoming the first football player in history to score two consecutive hat tricks at the Olympics.

As the New Hope MMD, part of our strategy of reducing unemployment is to harness the talent potential of the youths in Zambia. We believe that if well supported, young ZAMBIANs have the potential to dominate the entire Africa and in some cases, even the world, in the areas of Sport, Music, Art, Technology, Comedy, Science and Engineering, Language and Social Sciences.

The young people of this generation can CHANGE this country. We can build a new, prosperous nation. We can end unemployment. We can end disease and corruption. We can Unite Zambia across tribe and regions. But in order to do this, we need a brave, new, transformational type of leadership that will prioritize the needs of the young people and support them in achieving their dreams.
Zambia Shall Be Saved.👆👆


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