We shall be following with keen interest the startling revelations coming out of the East and Southern Africa drug trafficking trial in the U.S.

At centre stage are international drug traffickers Vicky Goswami and the Aisha Brothers who were extradited from Kenya and standing trial in the U.S.

Vicky Goswami has turned state witness, during cross examination by U.S district attorneys, Goswami has revealed intricate details of the operations of the region’s drug underworld.
He has also named Valden Findlay as one of the key drug traffickers in the region.

We urge the President to disassociate himself from Valden Findlay.
Valden Findlay’s diplomatic passport should be revoked, and he should be banned from State House and should have no further contact with the President with immediate effect. He should no longer travel on the presidential plane with the President.

Surely the Zambia Security Intelligence Services should have known about Findlay’s activities and should have warned the President not to become best friends with Valden Findlay.

In their emahiya, Sate House aides Amos Chanda, Kaizar Zulu, Daniel Siwo, Hibene Mwiinga, Derrick Mpundu, Andrew Chellah, deputy Secretary to the Cabinet Christopher Mvunga, presidential affairs minister Freedom Sikazwe, among others, proudly showed off their bellies at the reed dance organized as part of their visit during that country’s Trade Fair last weekend..It’s sad that a “President” should have for friends shady and crooked characters like drug baron Valden Findlay (in the middle) globetrotting at govt expense. It goes to show that we don’t have a strong and accountable system of governance.




  1. The question is ” How did they become friends?” How can you say now that he should be banned from State House? I do not see the logic. The noble thing is to investigate. Banning does not solve a problem. Who is going to ban who?


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