Greetings comrades

As we near the August 12 general elections .I would like to walk you through the hidden truth of politics in the opposition .

I have been actively involved in the UPND for the past 15 years from my secondary school days till now. I have saved in different positions,worked with different people ,tribes and races under the UPND.I have been to all provinces and districts in the country.This has given me a vast experience of politics on the ground in zambia .

The hidden truth is that ,belonging to the opposition is the hardest experience a politician can ever endure .This is an undertaking for the brave and selfless.we sacrifice time,money, opportunities, networks and friendships just to make sure that democracy in this country stays alive .

Fellow citizens,I have lost friends and family to death during the past 15 years.All these gallant men and women wanted to see the UPND form government and have a test of how it feels to have the dreams of our late founding father Anderson kambela mazoka realised(May his soul continue resting in peace).

These Men and women wanted to witness the ceremony of installing President HH as president of zambia .The young Man who against all odds took over the leadership of the UPND after the demise of it’s founding president.It was almost impossible to grow a party whose president has died whilst in opposition.HH has broken that record and it was going to be fulfilling for our rested brothers and sisters to celebrate the victory during their life time.

Today I want to address fellow youths in this country.Without a strong opposition in a democracy,Dictoctorship can cripple the dreams and aspirations of all of us as citizens.We have a direct responsibility as young people to change the face of todays political arena in zambia by making sure that we use our heads in choosing the new president of zambia .

President HH can decide to give up tomorrow ,if we give up on him today.He has been arrested 15 times,his home broken ,guards tortured ,wife traumatized .

He was thrown in a cell full of feaces rubbed all over the ground and walls.He was taken to mukobeko maximum prison unjustly.

He has trusted so many people that sold him for two pieces of silver .A lot of his former vice presidents cashed in for betraying him.

He has been labeled tribal and everyday ,pf senior cadres like GBM,KAMBWILI,NAKACHINDA ,BOWMAN LUSANBO AND CANITIOUS BANDA have continued tormenting his family based on his tribe of which,he did not choose to be born tonga .

Fellow country Men and Women ,if we the people of zambia don’t appreciate the kind of sacrifice which the UPND and HH are making on our behalf.Some day,we may have no one to blame.HH can afford to live anywhere in the world if this country is turned into a dictatorship training ground.The majority citizens can suffer as they can’t afford a life outside zambia.

If we set this country ablaze by promoting caderism and violence ,The pf senior party members can afford a life outside zambia and police protection.The majority citizens can’t .

I can afford to live outside zambia but majority of my friends and family can’t .The ball is in our hands .we must unite and help the pf to leave government peacefully by voting in huge numbers from across the country.Your voice can only be heard if you vote on the 12 of August 2021.

No government should be allowed to take advantage of it’s citizens in zambia .Not even the Upnd Diehard when they form government.We must always raise to end a brutal regime.

This country is not for pf,not for upnd ,not for Dp and not for any political party but for the people of zambia .

Let us protect our democracy.

Chaldrone sweeney

Together we can!!!

Pictures taken in 2014


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