AS Movement for National Transformation, MNT, we are profoundly grateful, to celebrate the Eighth Memorial of the Late Second Republican President, Dr FTJ Chiluba, who must be Honored, as deserving and befitting the Founding Father of the Movement for Multiparty Democracy, MMD, being the Collective – Executive figure – head and image, of its establishment in Zambia, in 1991.

The wanning hope of many then, was revived, as shall be in 2021, once again. He has left an indelible mark on the political development, and democracy of Zambia. We therefore, urge government, to put premium, and prioritization on Honoring his; legacy , and his wishes for his children, and Family in all, including what was restored to him by the Courts legally, as a villiant champion of conservative liberal Christian democracy.

What we do to others, will invariably be done to us, especially in the Presidency. Vindictiveness in any presidency , is a demerit of wisdom, tolerance, and want of humanity. Do unto others, as you want them to do to you, must be a life philosophy for leadership , and all citizens. The idea of always demonizing former presidents is detrimental to a mature democratic society, unless absolutely necessary legally for abuses, not mere selective witch-hunting.

Our heart felt memories of this Gallant Son of Zambia, once again, remind us of the significance of life, not how HE died , but how he lived for Zambia, and sacrificed alot for his love of country, not without challenges of betrayal. Infallibility is not a human quest, but a possibility of living for a worthwhile legacy, by a novel significant contribution. Some of the major contributions of his legacy include among others:

Firstly, as the epitomisation of his Presidency, coloured by his pasionate Love for his God that led to the Declaration of Zambia as a Christian Nation. We miss his Preaching and powerful sermons, as being eloquently and rhetorically instructive. The declaration of Zambia as a Christian Nation, must be preserved and cherished forever, so that our democracy is under God, as the Supreme Ruler of our Nation.

Those who seek to efface it, will only see their folly in the end, for we are by God’s providence covered by this declaration as a people. Presidents come and go, but Jesus Christ remains Supreme King over All, State and Church, howbeit the separation thereof, and endures forever. Only a fool , says in his heart that there is no God , according to Psalm 14:1-7. Those who despise God, howbeit being Presidents, or use his name in vain, only abominably corrupt themselves, for man cannot handle ; life, power, and money, or remain morally upright, without the fear of God, as the balance of wisdom, for the good of all men.

Secondly, his incomparable ability to communicate effectively, and eloquently, inspired many of us, and gave us a sense of dignity, hope, and pride whenever he spoke both at home, in National Addreses , Press Conferences, Functions, and abroad as a top Diplomat of Zambia, especially his reputable historical speech, at the United Nations, UN , then.

Thirdly, the Former President made Zambians, to realise the importance of Private Enterprise , as a liberal economic system from socialism that had crippled the country economically. Zambians today, are growing more and more as competitively advantaged, to engage the value of a much needed reformed capitalism that can work for ALL to curb; inequalities, unemployment, and the Access to benefits for national an advanced first world development.

Fourthly, from his legacy plural politics of Multiparty democracy from a one Party State of 27 years, has made us champion democracy, not dictatorship and any form of autocratic tendencies. As Citizens, we now are able to exercise the rights to alternative adult suffrage , choice of rights to associate, and the right of Assembly from his legacy.

Fifthly, the legacy of the Second Republican President, is unmatched in transitioning government, and successfully raising a successor, in one ,the Late former President Levy Patrick Mwanawasa. He is the only President on record, who finished well his full – two terms, and handed over power well, not without challenges of the Third Term debate.

Sixthly, the Presidency of the Second Republic brought; Unity, professionalism , and a sense of dignity to government, and the Civil Service. People in government, must not be mere Cadres without qualifications, but Citizens with competences in their particular fields. Citizenship must be above Caderism, loyalty to country above party, patriotism above pettiness, and justice above selectivity of partiality of the law.

Seventhly, the 27 years of the Kaunda regime, saw Zambians struggle in the transportation industry, that under the United Bus Company , UBZ, then when
travelling became a nightmare. However , since then, our transport system was liberalized for Privare Citizens to run till today . This parastal transport Company, brought incompetence and challenges , to many who remember. Zambians struggled even for essential commodities, queing up the whole night until this Presidency.

Eighthly, the Housing Initiatives of a Margret Thatcher type, in Britain under this Presidency started with the sale of Houses to Zambians as sitting Tenants , as well as the reconstruction program, not without challenges. Zambians today own their own properties , and are no longer having an attitude of ” Ni Va Boma” interpreted as abuse of government properties. A sense of dignity and ownership has come. Surely, the Hour had Come, as He popularly said!

NInethly, democracy is about consensus, not coercion, but a conscious art of knowledgeable pursuits of governance, not deception of the masses by deceptive propaganda and dirty politics. Authentic Democrats build a community of common grounds, of consensual politics, not adversarial politics.

Amazingly, then even the “controversial third term” was handled with a democratic approach of debate, and the Zambians spoke freely that they never wanted it. The will of the people prevailed above the President , without sturboness when people complain, listening is critical and leave the stage while your star shines, and that is what must constitute; good governance, transparency, and Accountability, as tenets of of a perfecting and growing democracy. Zambia needs democratic institutions, not “strong man” politics today, to build on this legacy.

Tenthly, the Second Republican President, was also a champion of media freedoms. Prior to his Presidency, only State Media Houses existed, as propaganda machines. His legacy brought us the likes of ; Radio Christian Voice, Radio Phoenix, and the Post Newspaper, to name but a few. Some of which are still among the best, we have, but initially under the MMD government, and even today as a lasting legacy of a free press, without undue regulation and censorship, of media as the fourth Estate or State power.

TODAY, Zambia still needs comprehensive media self – regulation that promotes both Opposition parties and Ruling Parties, lacking today, sadly, especially for the tax- payers public media that are overly tilted towards the ruling party, denying Zambians to make informed decisions in a democracy.

Conclusively, democracy being what it is; a majoritarian system of government; of the people , by the people, and for the people, must be constantly perfected. It behooves us now, to continue to build on this legacy, and take it further than our Father , to first world status of civility in politics by; non- violence, non tribalistic , or regionism approaches, and rule of law for justice and ideological systems, structures, and strategies. Zambia, as a Sovereign unitary and indivisible Christian Nation, must be preserved, and cherished , forever. This legacy reminds us, to invest in the future of our democracy by ; training politicians, for most enter politics as Cadres, whereas, in most civilised free societies, it’s those cultured mostly lawyers, and political scientists, and the rest who are competent, regardless.

Therefore, Under an MNT Presidency , this legacy will be perfected and taken to greater heights, as in; institutionally, structurally, locally, and globally, as we seek a first world Zambia, an Industrialisation Presidency, and more contextualized mature democracy , from this profound legacy, as we cherish profound memories riding on the shoulders of great men before us, like Dr FTJ CHILUBA. May his Soul and Spirit rest in Eternal Peace.


Issued by:
DR. Daniel Mvula Shimunza


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