The main actor of the Gods Must Be Crazy was only paid $300, even though the film made over $60 Million.

Born in Namibia and a member of the San also known as Bushmen, N!xau Toma, died a miserable man.

His inability to manage his income and have less value for material things was as a result of cultural practices.

When his film career ended, N!xau returned home to a newly built brick house. He tended his cattle and raised corn and pumpkins. He had a car for a while, but had to employ a driver because he had never learned to drive, The Namibian reported.

The entertaining actor N!xau Toma was found dead in late June 2003 near his home in Namibia after he reportedly went out to collect wood.

He was believed to be 59 years old, and the exact cause of his death was unknown. He had suffered from tuberculosis in the past.



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