Is Edgar Lungu now governing better with the closure of The Post? Has the trail of mass destruction left at Hakainde Hichilema’s house raised the Patriotic Front’s profile as a non-violent democratic party? With Hakainde securely caged in their custody without a meaningful or reasonable charge; is the Patriotic Front now better able to meet the needs of the majority of Zambians who cannot afford a decent meal every day, send their children to school, let alone find a decent job to pay them a minimum wage?


Does the excessive force and mass destruction with which Hakainde was arrested erase the electoral malpractices they engaged in last elections? Does all this give Edgar and his tandem of criminals the legitimacy to continue governing?


A State House aide, who in full view of local and international football spectators, committed a crime against a defenceless woman and consequently embarrassed the country less than the presidency at Heroes Stadium a few weeks ago is still walking as a free man, still representing Edgar less than the Zambia populace. Listen to Southern Province Commissioner of Police Bonny Kapeso threatening citizens in Southern Province!


Against this background, Inspector General Kakoma Kanganja is walking tall, with his head high, oblivious to the ethical dictates of his profession! Is the Zambia Police Service in its current form still relevant in maintaining law, peace and order?

To this add their pleasure and bragging about Hakainde’s arrest and detention, their vindictiveness, inhumanity and total lack of scruples in their abuse of the judicial process and human rights of others.  All this is being done to teach Hakainde and all Zambians a lesson, intimidate and scare them to the bone. It’s not us saying or drawing these conclusions; that’s what they themselves are saying. That is what State House and the police are saying. That’s how heartless they are! That’s how abusive they are! That’s how lawless they are! That’s how they have converted the entire state apparatus for personal abuse! That’s what they think of power and it’s use!

Today, they are very happy and are celebrating their ‘victory’. But can reasonable and humane people rejoice over such practices? And they claim to be good and committed Christians! What type of Christians are these who can do such horrible, cruel and evil things during the Holy week of Easter?

They are showing you who they truly are by their utterances and deeds. Know who they are! This not the way Christians or decent human beings conduct themselves! Being Christian means being like Christ. You cannot claim to love God, or to be a Christian when your deeds towards fellow human beings are full of hatred and evil. This is the behaviour of hyenas, jackals, vampires and vultures. They are never satisfied with the destruction they have already caused to this country. These are bloodthirsty vampires who are ready to drink all the blood of their victims to get a rush of power and to survive.

It is clear in everything they are doing that they do not care about the people of this country but themselves and their pockets. They are in power not to serve but to amass wealth. They are ready to use anything and everything at their disposal to muzzle dissent from the opposition and the media that is exposing their evil deeds.

Their hatred towards those with divergent views, their political opponents will see them to their terrible end – they will die like animals.

This is where Zambia is today. And from here, where do we go as a country, a nation, a people?


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