Bowman Lusambo, minister for the Copperbelt, says Edgar Lungu should not be accused of arresting Hakainde Hichilema because he is not a police officer.
“President Lungu has nothing to do with this. The police are just doing their work without the hand of Edgar Lungu.

We are lucky that we have a president who is tolerant. He is an honest president. Now the wife of HH says the President wants to kill HH. Who is more powerful and who is the Head of State now? The President is not a police officer. The police are just doing their job…HH is a fool who has multiplied in the country. We need to bring back sanity in the country as campaigns are over,” says Bowman.

But we have not forgotten what Edgar said in Matero on June 19, last year. Declaring himself winner of the August 11 general elections, Edgar warned that he will sort out Hakainde if he does not concede defeat. Edgar claimed God had made it clear that it’s his time to rule until 2021. Edgar said he didn’t expect Hakainde to dispute his election victory.

“HH nga akakana ukusumina ama results akamona efyo nkamucita (If HH refuses to accept the results, he will see what I will do to him). Taulaingila mu chibansa, tamulateya na bola, wayamba ukulanda ati ine nganalusa nshakasumine. Nomba ukakana ama results, akamona ifyonkamuchita (You have not even entered the ground and you start complaining that you will not accept. When we win, whoever will not accept the results will see what I will do to them)…I was with the police command at State House yesterday (Saturday), I rebuked them. Nalibeba ati guys, bombelenipo apa. I held a meeting with the police command at State House and I said ukutumpa kwachilamo. I expect police to improve from tomorrow onwards,” said Edgar.

It’s clear here that Edgar had made up his mind on what to do with Hakainde after the elections long before Zambians went to the polls. And, according to his own unsolicited confession, he had communicated his feelings and thoughts to the police command as commander-in-chief. So, what is Bowman talking about?

Edgar says diplomats and Non-Governmental Organisations asking him to intervene in Hakainde’s arrest and treason charge were wasting his time.
Speaking at a public rally in Mbala a week ago, Edgar further asked the international community to stop interfering in legal matters because Zambia was a sovereign country.

“All criminal suspects will face full force of the law and the law is blind to social status. I won’t interfere with the UPND leader’s case because no law allows me to do so. His case will go to the DPP for consideration for consent to prosecute and all diplomats and NGOs trying to force me to intervene in this case are wasting their time and I want to caution that they keep away from interfering with the due process of the law,” said Edgar.

“I have no issues with the UPND and so even the so called dialogue with them is neither here nor there! Elections are over and the statutes governing elections determine how to win and that is over. I can discuss national issues that merit, not a court case that has not been determined.”

Listen to the contradictions!

And Amos Chanda, the President’s press aide, made it clear on a Sunday ZNBC  television programme that Edgar superintended the judiciary, executive and the legislature.

“There is a lot of discomfort and this discomfort arises from the fact that where he sits as the Head of State, he oversees the entire country; he oversees the judiciary, you may not want to agree, he oversees the executive [and] he oversees the legislature. But his intervention in any single arm of government is so well thought out and measured…,” said Amos, warning that the Patriotic Front would “react politically” if the judiciary became an accessory of the country’s politics. “…I’m saying this because I represent the President who is the head of the PF. He is the head of a political party and that’s why I’m commenting on these things and we see them from the elevated place where he sits.”

This is where they have placed the judiciary. So, what is Edgar talking about?

There’s no doubt Edgar is responsible for Hakainde’s arrest. There’s no way Hakainde can be arrested and detained without Edgar directing the police to do so. All these political arrests and detentions are being commanded from State House under Edgar’s direction and supervision. It’s either Bowman is ignorant about what’s going on or he is simply a liar who has been directed to tell the Zambian people lies.

But it seems Bowman was instructed by State House to say what he said. There’s a desperate but futile attempt to keep Edgar’s name away from all the political arrests and detentions the police are making. But unfortunately for them, it’s all too late to conceal because Edgar’s footprints and fingerprints are all over. Edgar likes boasting, issuing threats so that he is seen to be in charge, in control and that he’s the boss. By the time the police moves in to carry out his wishes, all know where it all

But why is Edgar so desperately trying to run away from taking responsibility for these arrests and detentions? Our simple and only explanation is because he knows that what is being done is wrong. He doesn’t want to shoulder the responsibility for all these abuses of power and the judicial process. Edgar knows very well that the time to account for all these abuses and violations will come. But what he is not realising is that all these people he is using to brutalise others, do wrong things will tell the truth when he’s out of power and powerless.
The only sure and safer way of protecting himself is by doing the right things all the time and promptly correcting mistakes when they are made. Any other approach is an illusion, self deception. It will be impossible to cover his tracks and blame Kanganja, Kaizar Zulu, Amos Chanda or Stephen Kampyongo for all the abuses going on.


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