Edgar Lungu says the contradicting statements from the Church on how he is governing Zambia are confusing.
Edgar says it is confusing when different churches give politicians conflicting statements about their performance.
“You are sending different signals to the politicians. We don’t know who is telling us what. One minute we are told namu luba, that is the body of Christ telling us. The next minute they are telling us ‘no, mulifye bwino’, twafulungana, how are we going to provide leadership? We are getting conflicting signals from the body of God, the church of Christ,” says Edgar.



Hehehe, hehehe! Shame! Sometimes there’s need to have a bit of respect for others and their intelligence. After causing tribal and regional divisions in the Church, then he comes up to bemoan the same divisions. And the Church is not the only sector of society Edgar has divided on similar lines.



Immediately after the Law Association of Zambia started raising concerns about his bad governance, some lawyers were hired or hired themselves out to distance themselves from the position taken by the executive. And the Law Association of Zambia president, Linda Kasonde, was singled out for denunciation and humiliation. They tried very hard to alter the positions taken by the Law Association of Zambia on their transgressions and inadequacies. They even went as far as causing an extraordinary general meeting to be held so that they could change the leadership and reverse the positions taken.
Traditional rulers have been divided in the same way. Chiefs from certain parts of our country have been made to contradict the positions taken by their colleagues from other regions.



The labour movement or trade unions have been divided in the same way. And so is the media. Wherever there’s criticism of their decisions and actions, they have swiftly moved in to hire some weak souls to speak for them, to support and defend them and their wrongs.
Before, the tactics of those who ruled over our destiny consisted of dividing our people and setting one humble section against another. They set every faction of the people against the other factions. They thus weakened the people by their practice of setting one humble section against another. They divided the ignorant and misled people into supporting unscrupulous and greedy politicians. This is what is happening in this country today.
It is not the Church that is confusing them; it is them that are confusing the Church and dividing it.



This is the manipulation going on. And no sector of our nation has been spared by this manipulation. But manipulators have never deserved anybody’s respect or been successful anywhere. Manipulators are like little sailboats that go with the wind and the waves. Manipulation is synonymous with opportunism. Manipulation doesn’t have substance; it doesn’t have roots. No one has respect for those they think are manipulators out to manipulate them. And by the same token, no one has respect for people whom they think are being manipulated. We think everything – respect, relationships, serious analysis, and understanding – is possible among people who are honest with themselves and with others.



The truth is Edgar is interested in only one message from from the Church: support, praise, flattery. He is not interested in criticism. Where there’s criticism, they hire weak souls to go for the critics, to oppose and denounce them.
They divide the Church and then they become the first ones to bemoan the divisions they have caused. What type of hypocrisy is this? They divide our people along tribal and regional lines and then they start crying out about divisions and shedding crocodile tears, ‘The country is tribally divided; One Zambia, One Nation is dead.’
There’s nothing they have left united in this country, including their own political party. What type of divisive leaders are these?


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