SITUMBEKO Musokotwane

(Smart Eagles )

LUSAKA, 14 SEPTEMBER 2021 – The Ministry of Finance is in receipt of queries from members of the public who want to know whether the Minister of Finance has today commented on salaries for civil servants.

According to an online posting on a platform called CHILILABOMBWE INSIDE NEWS, the Minister is falsely quoted to have stated that civil servants’ salaries can only be increased in the second term of the UPND government. THE INFORMATION IN THE POSTING IS FALSE.

Salaries for civil servants are determined through a well-structured negotiation process between the Government and respective public service trade unions. Therefore, the Minister, either today, or on any day since his appointment, has not made any statement related to civil servants’ salary adjustments.

The new dawn Government is committed to the rule of law. The rule of law requires that there be negotiations for any adjustments to conditions of service. This is what will happen. In this regard, members of the public, and civil servants in particular, are advised that the posting HAS NO TRUTH.

The Minister’s schedule for the day evolved around meetings with Millennium Project
Completion Agency Zambia Limited (fore-runner to the Millennium Challenge Account Zambia), a bilateral meeting with the World Bank, a 2022 budget consultation session with the Zambia Institute of Chartered Accountants (ZICA), and Parliament.


  1. Let’s break this down. Logically, my answer would be no currently there is no money. Reason is that the previous government mismanaged the economy and to a large extent abated looting of government funds to the extent of leaving the reserves in a debleated state.

    We are in a crisis caused by you guys. Are you not ashamed of putting us in this place. First bring back the money your people you support stole so we can put it to good use.

    Actually, if returned it would go a long way to pay our hard working civil servants. For now we are paying attention to what really matters and also noticing those who have taken us the voters for granted. Remember your fight was not against UPND but the people of Zambia. Never forget it.

    • BO Minister of Finance, please quicken the recovery of stolen State funds. The monies stolen are being spent fast and may be hard to retrieve. We want Justice and want it timely. Please!!

  2. Sudden increase of salaries may cause spiral inflation this time around when economic indices are very low. What is needed is increasing these indices so that the buying power of the current salary can be positively triggered.


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