By Top Secret.
MKOMBA local farmer John Mtonga has successfully filed his nomination for councillorship for Mkomba ward on the United Party for National Development (UPND) ticket.

Meanwhile the Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) in Lundazi has endorsed UPND’s Mtonga candidature and pledged full support to deliver Mkoba ward without any difficulties.

Speaking to the media in Mkomba shortly after Mtonga filed his nomination, MMD Lundazi District Chairperson said he felt duty bound to rally behind Mtonga following the party’s decision to withdraw from the race.

“I have decided to respect my members. My members have decided to support the UPND and there is no way I can go against them because I was elected by the same people.

“I am supporting UPND and I will be campaigning for John Mtonga from today until election day on 12 February 2019,” said Godffrey Mapiri.

And UPND Deputy Treasurer Felix Ngoma thanked the people of Mkomba for their love and tremendous surport towards a vibrant young local famer.

But earlier the Parotic Front almost caused confusion when some support imported form Lundazi led by Potipher Mbewe who is PF Youth Information and Publlicity Secretary dared the police.

When suscessfuly nominations were finally announced by the Returning Officer Davie Musowa, Mukomba ward became a two horse race between UPND’s 39 year old Mtonga and PF’s Stephen Banda a retired teacher.

Asked if UPND shall retain the seat, Mtonga said the PF candidate was very weaker considering that he was picked just minutes before the schedued nomination time closed on PF.

“This is a UPND home as could be seen by local support from Mukomba residents, even the candidate whom the PF threw out for a retired teacher has called me to pledge his full support.

People of Mukomba have not rejected UPND, it’s the previous Councillor who was fooled by the PF and ended up disappointing the people. UPND is very intact in Mukomba” said Mtonga.

Mukomba conprises four (4) polling stations which include, Mkomba, Chanyondo, Molozi and Katopola.

PF candidate Banda was reported very sick (suspected sugar/BP) and was unable to collect ECZ letter of confirmation of candidature for elections slated for 12 February 2019.

Tourism and Arts Minister Charles Banda disappeared with the provincial team leaving the PF camp without senior representation.

Charles Banda did not set foot at the PF camp which angered some locals. Only six people from went to collect the ECZ confirmation letter of Banda’s candidature.


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