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Am a lady aged 27 years old.In January this year I found myself in love with A fool.
In March sitting with him at East Park a Woman came who claimed that she was the wife and I was not surprised because he puts on a ring and each time I asked him he was just saying don’t mind.

When his Wife found us he ran away.Surprisingly the wife started encouraging me not to fear anything because that’s how men behave; The wife said she wouldn’t mind even if he married me because in her family they accept Polygamy.She told also that I should eat his money since he is also having sex with me…She said I love you just like my sister…She even gave me a number to call her If I face any problem. The wife left and he came back and said she is a good person don’t worry.

We continued our relationship and sometimes the wife called me telling me that abalume besu mulebebako babwelako bwangu pantu Kuno ku Chalala kwaliba bakabolala.
In April he came so that we make love and his Katundu failed to enter my VG just closed.We tried several days .I was so confused and I tried another man still. He stopped visiting & caring for me.Not picking calls.

called the wife & told her the problem & she only told me that “be strong U are now facing adult problems; U are now a Woman not a girl”.
I went for Prayers the papa prayed 4 me told me that its the wife of yo boyfriend doing that.I could not believe.

After Prayers this Man called and came to apologise & brought money for groceries.I told him the problem was over & he tried & he entered….The next thing was a bad smelling discharge continuously upto now.I have tried all hospitals nothing.

I called him to tell him the problem & he only Answered that Nalishibe ati Grace temunobe; tewakubala grace thats the name of the wife.
When I call that Satana Grace she answers the phone and laughs loudly and cuts me.
Should I take her to Court



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