9 TH JULY 2020


We have warned before that hate the speech and tribal remarks will one day backfire. However this advice has been ignored. Instead, people have been busy out shinning each other on hate speech and tribalism. How come Ministers and PF officials are allowed to issue tribal and hate speeches with impunity. Why and who authorized the removal of UPND posters in Monze? PF should blame its Provincial Minster who ordered the peaceful people of Monze to line up on the street to welcome the President despite Covid19. They say MUMBWE AITILE MPASHI NO KUMUBUBA SHAMUBUBA. PF made and drunk its own poison.

HH has survived a number of assassination attempts at the hands of PF. To them this is very normal. To the contrarily, what is normal is when spectators boo a player for missing a penalty kick. This is what happened in Monze. Zambians are not happy with PF’s performance. Our youths are not going to eat tribal and hate speeches, they need jobs. Shamefully, even the Commissioner General of Prisons has joined the band wagon of tribalists.

The crowd that booed the Presidential motorcade comprised of youths, an indication that youths are not happy with the PF Government. The problem of youth unemployment is slowly exploding. PF shouldn’t underplay the Monze incident as doing so is a clear sign that PF is living in denial of reality. The way PF is addressing the concerns of unemployment in the Country is very chaotic and will only produce very disastrous results. PF is just dividing the youths and majority of them will vent their anger on PF in 2021. Any way no one can advise PF.
We find the statements suggesting that HH should never set foot in Northern Province from the Sebana wikute groups as very embarrassing to PF. HH, as our Party President has constitutional rights to campaign in any part of the Country. As a result of the hunger that PF has created in the Country some people have rebased their morals. They support any nonsense as long as they are given something to survive. But while PF and its surrogates are busy out doing each other, Zambians are saying tule votela uyu wine bachusha.

Percy Chanda

UPND – Chairman for Mines and Freedom Fighter



  1. Do not annoy the people of Monze any further by starting what you call development on the Kafue Flood Plains. Even if Zambians are peaceful they will retaliate very badly to an extent where the Government will regret


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