First it all started as a joke. We were creating districts like throwing confetti at a party of fools, mindless of how we were going to manage them in terms of financing, developing and housing human resource. We now have districts like outpost guard houses, no housing for staff and councils have no means for revenue. We have ended up with districts full of public workers who just seat because “the resource envelope” (quoting President Lungu) is depleted and development projects have been put on hold.

Second we were borrowing because payments of those loans from the financial market would not be due soon. “We can still borrow because the payments of those bonds woud only be due in 7 to 10 years” former minister of finance Alexander Chikwanda would justify.

We are here choked, as 80 per cent of our budget pays salaries and goes to pay Nkogole “debt”.

We are still going deep into Nkongole, and it is already August and there is no talk of agriculture inputs, just as news of FRA maize purchases seems to be the message of the dumb to the deaf.

While our problems pile up, remember we have the 42 wheelbarrows scandal to carry them on. And while corruption is scorching us hot during the day and nightmare, we can find a a cool place to snooze under the 48 mushrooms in Chilala. Even that snooze would be an adventure in futile because the noise from the sky does not cease, Edgar’s close to ZMW 900 million magic bloom is busy nowadays burning jet fuel just to go and jog and do some sleep ups in Northern Province and tell PF branches to re-enrol GBM in the party grassroots as there is space for him there.

To quench the burning anger, we will wait for the special hoses of the four second hand fire tenders that Mama Esther Lungu went to receive in the USA with a team of maids.


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