By Barotseland Broadcasting Network,

Just like their predecessors the PF/LUNGU regime in their continued deception to hoodwink and blind fold the people of Barotseland when ever there is an Election the PF/Lungu regime yesterday broke the ground in SESHEKE for the commencement construction of Katima Mulilo Mini Hospital.

During the ground breaking Ceremony yesterday in Sesheke the Zambian health Minister Dr. Chitalu Chilufya Lied that the Mini Hospital is a 40 bed capacity and will come complete with an out patient department, a maternity annex, a theater, a laboratory, Staff houses and an Ambulance.

Last year when there was a by-election in Lealui, Zambian vice President Inonge Wina laid a stone for the commencement of similar Mini Hospital and lied to the people of Lealui and the Litunga that the Mini Hospital would be completed within four months. Surprisingly up to now not even a single block has been constructed.

Also in a Similar deception and for the sake of winning the Mabili ward by election the Zambian Lungu regime deceived the people by grading the old tarmac on the MONGU-LIMULUNGA road that the Zambian government was constructing a bituminous four Lene standard road. The Zambian government even announced that the road had been given to a Chinese contractor to work on it, but up to now nothing has happened forcing residents to put up sand and water in an effort to reduce dust during the dry season.

Ever since 1964 when Barotseland emerged with Northern Rhodesia to bring what is known as Zambia today, Barotseland has continued to be denied development from Zambian successive regimes . But Zambian successive regimes have continued to make political statements to deceive the people of Barotseland during elections as witnessed during the Mangango by elections Where the PF/Lungu Government moved on site with earth moving machines in pretence of commencing works on Lukulu-Katunda road but later after wining the seat the project has been left abandoned.

FILE PICTURE: Zambian health Minister Dr. Chitalu Chilufya breaking the ground in pretence of commencing works on the so called Katima Mulilo Mini Hospital yesterday


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