Valden Findley


By Kay Musonda

We must endeavor to uphold the level of near sanctity that carries the office of President in this republic. The report making rounds on media platforms leaves many mouths aghast and minds perplexed at how the highest office in the land is now seemingly a ‘go to at will’ for friends and associates of the bearer.

An individual of notable interest is One Valden Findlay a businessman and friend of the President. He is mentioned in court testimonials of a Mr Vijay Goswami according to manuscripts said to be from a court hearing in the USA on a drug trafficking case reported in the Daily Maverick of South Africa quoted in the circulated report.

Mr Findlay is frequently around our president. What is this questionable character doing around the president? why is he flying around in official government aircraft with the president? On a number of occasions he is seen in the company of the president at state functions and around visiting dignitaries on state visits. What image is this portraying?
Certain whispers say this man is likely on an FBI list.

We need to encapsulate the integrity of the Presidency in the state of sanctum it has always enjoyed. We cannot compromise our highest office for the sake of “friendship” especially where certain friends and friendships are questionable. What would the implications be should the FBI or other law enforcement agencies issue a warrant or pick up the said individual in connection with the said drug trafficking case?

We need to put our country first and surely must not expose the presidency and the state to characters that cast murky shadows on its integrity. For the love of kin and country let the state’s integrity be protected even if it means losing friends over it.

We all know what transpired in South Africa. State capture was a result of friendship with the Guptas.

Zambia First
God bless us all.



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