By  McDonald Chipenzi

It was amazing how am institution like the Teaching Service Commission (TSC) would recruit 63% of women teachers against 37% of their male counterparts.

This is in abrogation of Article 259 of the 2016 amended Constitution which dictates that appointment or nomination should be based on 50-50 threshold of each gender.

Further, the Gender, Equity and Equality laws are also not in support of favouring one gender against the other. It’s for gender equality not inequality.

Considering that all teachers may have similar qualifications whether male or female, recruiting more of one gender by 26% was very inconsiderate of the constitution provisions and other enabling legislations on gender equality and is inconsistent to the constitution of Zambia.

Those in the education sector must take this skewed recruitment for review so that the right thing which is constitutional is done by the TSC.


  1. Unfortunately this is how our government is operating completely outside our constitution. This is clear pronouncement of illegitimacy. Can the Law Association say something. Maybe LAZ is no longer LAZ, the Unlaw Association of Zambia.


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