Vernon Mwaanga

By Speedwell Mupuchi
THE so-called opinion polls making predictions about who will win are false and misleading, says Vernon Mwaanga.
Two alleged opinion polls have predicted that PF candidate Edgar Lungu will win the elections next month.

Today the Zambia Daily Mail quoted a poll by a consortium of Zambian thought leaders from various academic institutions indicating that President Lungu is highly likely to retain power with 60 per cent of the votes followed by UPND’s Hakainde Hichilema.

But former director general of intelligence says with three weeks to go before the tripartite elections on 12th August, it is premature to make such wild predictions.

“Even in the most developed countries, opinion polls have often been wrong. What more with Zambia, which has had no credible record of having opinion polls? My uncertainty grows,” Mwaanga said. “I can only urge the people of Zambia to disregard and dismiss these polls. The 12th August is not too far and we shall soon find out how wrong they are.”

Mwaanga, who served as information minister in the MMD governments, said the expertise required to conduct credible election polls was not yet available in Zambia.

“That is why a number of countries have banned opinion polls, so as not to confuse the voters. A lot can happen between now and 12th August, 2021,” Mwaanga said.


  1. Just because Hichilema is his fellow Tonga, and is not favoured in the opinion poll, then to Vernon Mwaanga, it’s false and mis-leading opinion poll! If it had favoured Hichilema , Mwaanga would have said it’s true! This is the tribalism that Kambwili and company are reffering to! And fun enough tribalists like Mwaanga are the ones turning around and labeling Kambwili a tribalist! Kambwili is not a tribalist, he’s just trying to bring to the fore the tribalism practiced and done by Hichilema and his fellow Tongas! He’s urging them to change for the better! With Kambwili’s insistence the Tongas will eventually change for the better but it will take time, because it’s part of their tradition! Well done my dear Kambwili, you are a very brave man! We are not going to allow somebody to want to ascend to the highest office in the land on the basis of all his tribesmen voting for him! Not at all, not at all!

  2. Munyanga you are also a bembas to think that PF will win elections.Trump lost the American elections because of false opinion polls and this could happen is zambia also.most people are disappointed with the current government because the cost of living is unbearable to say the least. People are suffering ,the have only one meal in a day more especially in three provinces which l could not name because there even keeping a goat, chicken is rare.with this in mind people are just waiting for 12th August so that their suffering is ended by ensuring that they put in a leader who has vision and can drive this country out poverty , debt trap to say the least.continue day dreaming.


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