By Jonas Shakafuswa
The state operation to ensure HH is not on the ballot paper will fail. Imagine they had to awaken people who were not aware that HH had defrauded them 26 and 20 years ago.

That’s the only stain they found on him. Let sleeping dogs lye. MMD never saw that? Or they were just a just Government of Rules and Laws. HH will be on the ballot box whether you demean our Chief or not.

At least you have respect for your Chiefs. Ask Commissioner Siame what happened to him when he impounded Mpezeni’s uncleared vehicle. That is the respect we expect of our Beloved Lion King. When your Chiefs came to support their Children suspected of Corruption, you gave them VIP treatment.

You want to treat our King like a nobody? You will face us. Maybe you have never heard of Copperbelt Central Lusaka Southern UNITED? You are uniting us now


  1. Well spoken Shakafuswa. PF IDIOCY. Pursuing an endless trail to NOWHERE. HH is clean. They might as well follow a trail leading into the deep sea hoping to find HH wrongdoing! But with every evil step they take, they end up galvanizing us. Making not just the SOUTHERN UNITED, but also ZAMBIA UNITED!

  2. This article may have bin written under the influence of alcohol otherwise the author can do better than worsting time putting up tribal infiltrated article. Am sure the PF knows the consequences of careless political arrest when 12 August is coming. if that queen indeed is innocent she will be vindicated but if she is involved let the process be followed. I find the article missing ingredients of the one Zambia policy

  3. Jonas, you are a man and half! Come back to UPND, this is your home and where you belong.
    Bakabwenga aba batukatazya, we will deal with them and give them their own medicines of political violence!


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