THE suspension of five FAZ councillors is a manifestation of gross indiscipline at Football House, says Sports Fans Association (ZASPOFA) patron Peter Makembo.

Makembo called on FAZ management to be ‘very careful’ if the association was to live to the expectations of the Zambians.

He said while the fans did not support the unnecessary suspension of councillors, FAZ had no option but to effect the suspensions because there have been too much indiscipline among some stakeholders who had refused to come to terms with the reality that Andrew Kamanga was FAZ president.

Makembo said there was no debate on whether the FAZ executive was in order to suspend the five councillors who had allegedly taken to the media to vent their frustrations over FAZ on many issues because they were backed by the constitution to do so.

He said most of the people who were creating unnecessary tension in FAZ were those who had failed to look at the aggregate picture of the need to enhance football in Zambia and were driven by personal interests which they wanted to safeguard at all cost.

Makembo said there was need for all stakeholders to take deep introspection and gauge themselves whether what they were doing contributed to football development in Zambia or not.

He said some of the squabbles that had rocked the association only derailed the operation of the executive.

“Not long ago, I said that there is too much indiscipline among stakeholders at FAZ and some people criticised me and called me all sorts of names because they thought I had personal vendetta against some people,

“The suspension of the five councillors has now vindicated me and is a show of what is happening on the ground” he said

He said it was sad that when Zambia was looking for answers to the football misfortunes that had engulfed the nation, people who were supposed to be at the forefront devising solutions were fighting each other.

“The World Cup draws are already out and we already know our opponents and we all know that with the performance we saw at the COSAFA and the Africa Cup qualifiers, we stand no chance of doing any better,

“These are issues people should be wasting their time on, debating on how best we can prepare for these matches that are coming. But what we are seeing now are heightened tensions, squabbles, and personal attacks among people who are supposed to find solutions to our predicament. This is not health for football,” he said.



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