It’s unfortunately true what they say, that us Zambians forget easily. So from time to time we will repost things that have happened in recent months or years, to remind Zambians where we’re coming from so that we can also know where we’re going.

It’s about one year ago that we were informed by a whistle-blower that a mansion was under construction in Swaziland at a tender cost of $3.8 Million in December 2017.

The whistle-blower gave us screen shots of the architectural diagrams and contract details showing the Estate Plot number and name of the client whose mansion was being built.

It was astonishing to see what we were being shown. The very next day we tested the waters and published those documents here. We decided to publish the info in a drip fashion so as to leave them in suspense. They did not know what we knew and how much we knew.

Within a few hours the PF government PR machine was in turmoil. The information minister Dora Siliya quickly came out to claim that the house and plot in question in Swaziland were given to President Lungu as a gift from King Mswati. To sweeten the story she also threw Amos Chanda into the mix as also having received a gift from King Mswati.

The Swazi government refused to comment on the matter entirely. They refused to confirm that they had made such a donation.

While all this was happening, the Times of Swaziland newspaper picked up the story and run a database search at the Swaziland Deeds Registry to find out who owned the land where President Edgar Lungu was building a $3.8 Million mansion.

The Times of Swaziland newspaper determined that the land and Plot 225 Nkonyeni Golf Estate belonged to Inyatsi Construction Limited. This is the same plot where President Lungu’s house was being constructed.

This was a private estate of 90 luxury plots owned exclusively by Inyatsi Limited. Inyatsi own 100% of the estate. It therefore could not have been a gift from Mswati.

How can Mswati gift something that does not belong to him?

The tender itself for the construction of the $3.8 Million mansion for President Lungu was put out by Inyatsi Construction Limited.

So, what was the link between President Lungu and Inyatsi Ltd?

Why was Inyatsi Limited gifting President Lungu with a $3.8 Million mansion?

What was Inyatsi’s benefit?

The answers were all at RDA, the Zambian government had just awarded Inyatsi Limited a K700 Million contract to work on the Ndola Mufulira road. Inyatsi had also just won contracts to do works in North Western province and the Kafue Mazabuka road.

President Lungu officiated at the ground breaking ceremony of the Mufulira Ndola road. He had also forged a close friendship with Michelo Shakantu, a director at Inyatsi Limited who even accompanied him to Swaziland on at least one occasion.

This was a clear case of corruption and procurement fraud.

Bribes for contracts!

For those of you that wonder why Ronald Chitotela can’t be fired, it’s because he doesn’t steal alone from RDA contracts, bigger people than him are also involved.

This model of corruption is an exact mirror reflection of the one cited in the FIC report of 2018.






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