By David N Kapoma

I have been thinking and thinking and thinking…

We seem to be losing it somehow, our political space remains hostile and polluted. We have failed to accept change of doing business. We are stuck with the same old fashioned ways of doing things that never changed this country for the better in the past.

Our police can’t seem to learn a thing. Political opponents remains targets while those holding the instruments of power defile the law with impunity and nothing happens to them . No one wants to respect our constitution and use if for what it is.

Slowly but faster than necessary we are getting used to mediocrity, we have decided to put a blind eye to important matters that can change our nation. We seem to be controlled by emotions as our minds seem to have gone to sleep. Everyone is scared to speak the truth and point out the wrongs our government is doing. We have become very good pretenders.

Our government can’t seem to realise that treating people fairly and with civility is not a bad thing… It would be good for our country if political leaders actually took that to heart. Everyone wants to fight everyone for no apparent reason. Even a simple reconciliation can’t happen. Sad that even the church has equally failed to unity us.

Our neutral and sensible voices we had have been bought off by either the ruling or the opposition parties. Few of us that decide to remain neutral in the political space have become enemies of both the ruling and opposition parties. Our attackers come from every direction leaving us weak and vulnerable.

Sad how vibrant young men contradict themselves only in the name of pleasing the pay masters. Our brains now operate side by side with the stomach.

What happened to the dream of having the kind of generation that is committed to challenging the status core. Our levels of commitment to changing this country has gone way too low. Those with power feel they have the monopoly of wisdom when Infact the opposite is true.

Until we choose to carefully elect leaders based on merit, chances are we won’t see real change.


  1. Even Banks are still using the old colonial methods that are depriving Zambians with progressive minds but lack immovable assets to access loans to go into manufacturing business and create jobs. The Chinese have moved 1000000 ahead of African dunderheads and are now capable of recolonizing Africa.

  2. Poverty Poverty….is the key driver of our political system! And our law-makers understand this fact fully. Populism is the norm and the late President MCS played this card very well. We are a nation that has been groomed to believe in short – lived gains. We hero worship anybody and anything that promises us free mana. We have beggers making political comments anyhow when they add zero value to the nation’s political landscape. We are seeing roads, infrastructure development with no strategic maintenance plans let alone financial implications. We have been spending money we do not have since this irresponsible Government came into power through questionable means. And now we are paying for being docile! Cry now, we are all part of this mess. It’s our doing! All this investment, yet no meaningful investment in Education, small businesses, farming etc. What are we as a nation?


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