A quick check in SADC reveals that the average pump price for petrol is $1.20 per liter which equals K26.69.

In Zambia, the pump price is K17.60 which represents a differential of K10.00. If you load VAT, that comes to K21.40 which is still below a dollar.

The true pump price is K30.99 at current rate and Government is directly subsidising K13.39.
-Patriotic Front – PF Media


  1. This analysis or illustration shows the kind of people ruling us. Yes the cost of ZMW 30.99 have making our Kwacha a newspaper currency. What is USD $1 to Zambian Kwacha (22.5) compared to Botswana Pula (10.2), Namibian Dollar (12.3) and South African Rand (12.3)? Think before you naked oneself. Failure is failure no matter how you explain.


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