The UPND have released a new documentary movie showing the softer side of President Hakainde Hichilema. In the 15-minute film he talks openly about when he first laid eyes on his wife Mutinta, and about how as a young boy his joy was to work on the cattle stations.

During the short film Mr. Hichilema speaks passionately about the importance of education, explaining how he went to school on a Government bursary, sadly something that is hard to do now. When speaking with a class of Zambians in the documentary he seemed overwhelmed with the drive and determination every student had, he committed to ensuring that children get the future they deserve.

Finally, HH opens up about why he feels he is the man for the job and the plan he has for Zambia’s future. Highlighting that something is not right if a country so rich has so many poor he reassured Zambians that a vote for him will not be in vein.


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