Zambia Airways


By Ishmeal Mike

Transport and Communications Minister Brian Mushimba has approved the Air Service Permit submitted by Zambia Airways which is scheduled to starting operating in the last quarter of 2019.

In a brief statement issued to Phoenix News Dr. Mushimba explains that the National Airline is now waiting to be granted the air operating certificate by the civil aviation authority.

The Zambia airways which is a joint venture with Ethiopian airline will start operating with three planes.

Ethiopian Airlines has 45% of the revamped airline and Zambia under the Industrial Development Corporation holds 55% shares.

The two governments are projecting to operate 12 planes by 2028. And the airline is expected to transport 1.9 million passengers in the next decade to 2028.

The Board of Directors of Zambia Airways (2014) Limited at its inaugural Board appointed Bruk Endeshaw Abebe, as the Chief Executive Officer for the National Airline.

Mr Abebe has 24 years’ experience in the aviation industry and is currently Regional Director Sales and Services, Southern African Region for Ethiopian Airlines.

Zambia Airways went out of business when it ceased operations in December 1994. Mounting debts and losses forced the government to put the airline into liquidation that month.


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