Seer 1

The Zambian State Capture By Nigerian Amateur Magician…

By Charles Awuzie

Many Zambian leaders have been brought to their knees by the manipulation of #Seer1 – an amateur Nigerian magician.

His current victim is Mr. Chisimba Kambwili, a top Zambian politician whom Seer 1 disgraced on Live Broadcast recently when Seer1 claimed that the political leader came to him for the healing of a rotten scrotum which had swallowed the leader’s manhood.

Zambians would easily believe anything Seer1 says because he claims to be fighting for the poor Zambians against their own leaders….

But only very few Zambians have paused to ask some critical questions like:

1. Can a Zambian do in Nigeria what Seer1 is doing in Zambia?
The answer is NO.

2. Is Seer1 known or popular in Nigeria like he is in Zambia?
The answer is No. Seer1 is an unknown individual and nobody pays attention to his existence in my country Nigeria.

3. How did Zambians fall into the tricks of this unknown Nigerian boy?
Seer1 brainwashed Zambian leaders to believe that he possesses some strange powers which can help them win elections. The leaders fell for his lies and when they discovered his tricks and threw him out of the country, he decided to revenge by publicly sharing their private conversations.

4. Should Zambia ignore Seer1 now?
No. Seer1 is using social media to strategically radicalize Zambians against their own government. His agenda is to duplicate the insecurity and chaos in Nigeria in Zambia. Take note of this today. In 3 years from now, if Zambia doesn’t do anything about Seer1, the country will plunge into internal political crisis which will claim thousands of lives and waste liters of human blood.

5. What can be done to contain the agenda of Seer1 against Zambia and her government?
Use State intelligence and security agencies to contain him strategically. The state intelligence agency of any country has the resources to make this happen in the interest of the nation.

Dear Zambians, Seer1 is not your hero… He is a foreign state capture agent. I understand that you hate what your leaders have done to you… The truth is that most African leaders have betrayed Africans. But put on your thinking cap and know when to put politics aside to fight a common State enemy.

If you are a Zambian and you are on my wall, let your people know that there’s a demonic jagaban brewing political unrest on your land.

Be wise. Be smart.


SOURCE: The Church Newspaper Zambia


  1. Dont Zambia believe in Ba Sansakuwa, Witch doctors?
    Dont Zambians have in’ganga?
    Dont Zambian go mu kufwaya imiti ( mitototo) ku ng’anga?
    Dont Zambians drink and follow what the ng’angas tell them?
    Dont Zambians believe mundoshi?
    Dont the Zambians know that they kill?

    Seer 1 when he speaks, it is because he reviews what you do and what you are that is why you want us not to listen to him.
    Tell CK to start walking normal and if he fails then Seer 1 is right.
    Tabachenjeshe nganga. Kaloba alaloba mwana nganga ashala.

  2. Let CK and others deny the allegations. Some of us are not followers of Seer 1. But if he can provide a WhatsApp chat with Kambwili or whoever, who am I to doubt their dealings.

  3. Why were articles like this written when HH was being demonised? Seer 1 has opened our eyes and our minds. He speaks sense. So it was alright for our leaders to use powers from Seer1? Now that he has seen the injustice to the Zambian he has reversed his powers.


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