Former UPND Vice President Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) has revealed that he is facing a lot of resistance from the PF top leadership ever since he rejoined the party.

And Mr. Mwamba has said that there are alot of internal problems in the Patriotic Front worse than he anticipated compared to the UPND.

GBM has revealed to some of his inner security details and family members over the weekend that he acted very emotional to ditch the UPND which is more stable and people were giving him more respect as Vice president than now in the PF where he has to start afresh in the political lader like as a mere cadre.

“Can you imagine I have been trying to meet some of these ministers to discuss issues relating to my business and nobody is giving me audience. They all keep saying they have engagements. Ever since I joined, not even a phone call from Edgar Lungu to acknowledge my joining. I only met him at State Lodge when I was in the UPND and it is clear he just wanted to know what was happening in the UPND and Mr. Hichilema. Now I cannot meet him or even a phone call from him. His ministers are all avoiding me,” GBM told his close associates at his new Kasama residence.

He said there were more squabbles in the PF than he imagined and that what was there was a completely different PF outlook.

“The other day I bumped into Dora Siliya at some hotel. I tried to greet her and she was just like “hey” them she continued with her interactions with other people while completely ignoring me. I should have listened to the advice to just go underground and keep quiet for sometime as I weigh read the political landscape, he said.

“And the economy is not any better for PF and Edgar Lungu so it’s becoming difficult to convince people to join the PF. Even in Northern Province where I have just come from, people were openly telling me that I was confusing them. We took people to the UPND and somehow they have seen the good side of Mr. Hichilema and are not ready to go back to PF. It’s a tragedy,” GBM said.

He revealed his further frustrations of finding out there were strong opposing forces within the PF, with one determined to remove Edgar Lungu because he is a very weak candidate while another is that of supporting Lungu because they eating with him.

He said he needed more time to widely consult and read the political mood in the country.




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