…as PF COPPERBELT Provincial Chairperson Nathan Chanda assures traditional leaders that no Chief will be dethroned.

MPONGWE, Friday, July 31, 2020 – – – CHIEF MACHIYA of the Lamba Speaking people in Mpongwe District on the Copperbelt says there is no doubt that President Edgar Lungu will win the 2021 General Elections because of his massive development agenda for Zambia.

Chief Machiya has also vowed to support Bill 10, says it is not for the benefit of President Lungu, Chiefs or the PF but for the Zambian people and generations to come.

Chief Machiya said this when PF Copperbelt Chairperson Mr. Nathan Chanda paid a courtesy call on him at his Palace.

The traditional leader said it is just important to appreciate when things are done in the right way for the Zambian people.

“The PF party is one that brings development to the people. So we the Chiefs are serious stakeholders. The PF is so peaceful a party, that even the President, Mr. Edgar Lungu is winning the 2021 General elections without doubt because of his development agenda,” said Chief Machiya.

The traditional leader also thanked Chairman Chanda for his leadership on the province.

“Even you ba Chairman, we support you. You are doing a very good job for the people. A Chief is there to keep the people, but we get worried when we hear some people say some Chiefs will be dethroned that is not good. As, we support the PF government and work with you for development purposes.”

The traditional leader also reminded Mr. Chanda about the poor state of the Mpongwe-Machiya road.

“Mpongwe-Machiya road needs to be worked on. It is of concern to us. Now you as Chairman, you have a heart for the people. I can spend the whole day just highlighting what you have done for the people on the Copperbelt,” said Chief Machiya.

Chief Machiya also said there is serious need to support Bill 10.

And Chairman Chanda assured the traditional leader that the ruling PF under President Edgar Lungu cherish the support from traditional leaders.

“We believe in One Zambia One Nation. We are a peaceful party and we don’t want to threaten Chiefs that when this party wins we will remove this Chief. Look at our President from the time he won, there are areas that did not vote for him, but he has not gone to those areas to dethrone Chiefs,” Mr. Chanda said.

“But what is shocking to our friends is that before they even govern, they are threatening Chiefs. Am happy that all this is coming from you.”

Mr Chanda was accompanied by PF Copperbelt IPS Jack Muwema, Provincial Chairlady Mrs Rosemary Mukupa who led the women wing and the Mpongwe District Chairperson Preston Mpondamali among other officials.



  1. Ahhhhha dont play with Lamba chiefs. They are teasing you soon after you go the message to his subject is kuya nabo pano ukufika pakuvota, kubalangati tatumishipo ba PF.

  2. Nathan Chanda stop throwing mud to opposition UPND and HH when visiting chiefs, Why didn’t the chief talk before you went there. We are very much aware that this is the message which you pf cadres takes to traditional leaders so that HH looks like he is a bad person. You don’t have the message to tell their loyal highnesses (DETHRONING THE CHITIMUKULU IS PF 2021 CAMPAIGN MESSAGE. LOOK AT CHIEF HAMAUNDU OF SOUTHERN PROVINCE IN PEMBA DISTRICT HE LOOKS STUPID BEFORE HIS SUBJECTS). stop going round in palaces only to talk about dethroning chitimukulu.

  3. Has Chief Machiya ever done a research over what our constitution says bakapaso babuleni bamfuni efyo ilabila .Pantu kilemoneka kwati tabeshibilepo nangu kamo .nokulabilalabila kilaleta umusebanya.ngabamipeleni uluboni kulya lukoso ndondolo

  4. This time we will not allow your rigging. Enough is enough next year you better start fleeing as all borders will be closed to you lot. You the PF have brought Zambia a century back. Awe ba mudala accept that next year mwafumapo


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