Sikaile Sikaile

By Sikaile Sikaile


The lightening speed with which the Police brutally arrest and detain without bail the alleged defamers of Lungu and his thieving colleagues is an interesting paradox in our failed state.By Constitutional provision, the Police as a taxpayer supported Institution are under inalienable obligation to protect the taxpayers regardless of their Political persuasion or denomination. In all fairness, the police are so efficient that they can arrest anyone who allegedly defames Lungu even before they put a full stop on their oral statement. Suppose the same efficiency could be deployed to those threatening public peace and security through tribal rantings?

With this kind of efficiency deployed to public policing, we wouldn’t be having this thuggery and total collapse and paralysis of the Police when it comes to treatment of PF thuggery.The public is legally entitled to unconditional Police protection as citizens. It is important to review the alleged defamation charges so far slapped on innocent citizens. If Sikaile, calls someone a “chief thug” today, then there are valid reasons to why such a term has been preferred to be used. This is accountability and nothing defamatory at all.The Police are professionally trained in Legal interpretation and are expected to apply sense in their discharge of duty.

This is more of the reason why they need to cite particular Constitutional clauses that have been breached in presenting a case for possible prosecution and litigation.
Has anyone ever been convicted of defamation of the Presidency this far? Non! In our earlier article we presented an interrogative article on the Presidency and the President. The Presidency is a Legal Institution occupied by the President. The President can only command public respect by his/her strict and unwavering subjectivity to the Presidency. The situation we currently have has been a widening chasm between the Presidency and the President. Its for this reason that we would like to reaffirm our legally correct position that no one has ever, or can defame the Presidency or the President under this detachment. The existing dissonance between the Presidency means that no one can rightly defame the Presidency.

Whenever there is such a misfortune of disjointed existence between the two Institutions, the Presidency should be protected from the occupant of the office who in this case is the President by all Patriotic citizens.Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu should have long been impeached and cited for defamation of the Presidency and gross Constitutional breach by now. The aura of the office of President has been lost completely under his cursed hand of justifying wrong things.

Right from his ascendancy to the Presidency, we have all seen how he has lamentably failed to superintend over the affairs of the nation.Its very wrong to celebrate any achievement of the Government. We don’t get services at the mercy of the President. The President is simply an employee who is given a job description to discharge. Its primitive and most unfortunate to see people celebrating and enumerating some perceived projects at exaggerated cost and then people stoop so low as to begin to worship the Government.

This here becomes our basis for debating the alleged defamation cases we keep being slapped with. To start with, Mr Lungu’s failure of leadership is inexcusable and fairly worth passing a vote of no confidence. In some civilized societies, Mr. Lungu would have been flushed out by now even before 2021. Just take a look at his leadership trivia, the deepening crisis would have bound him to Lusaka in very deep and serious crisis response and consultative meetings. But what do we see? Cross country rides from region to region without provind direction for Zambia. Monologues of preoccupation for clinging to power and Lamentations over Bill 10.

Lungu goes round the country without addressing the burning issues affecting the nation giving hope in this desperate situation. All he does is to issue threats to HH, critics and pronounce himself the best one who should rule Zambia forever. This is nonsense!

Sikaile C.Sikaile
Good Governance and Human Rights Activist



  1. Should votes fall to help chuck them out, which is unlikely unless by rigging, an uprising of the people should do it. Bottom line is, there should be no PF in govt after 2021 August. NO MATTER WHAT.


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